Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Corner of the Kitchen - More Autumn Decor

We've had the cornucopia basket since I was a little girl.
It sat on an end table next to a green pleather (plastic-y non-leather) couch....
Filled with rubbery fruit.

Still got the end tables.

That's my granmothers's aluminum coffee canister.
The yellow and white container is/was part of a set that sat on the kitchen counter when brothers and I were little.
The Heidi book - mom's
Gravy Thing a Ma Jiggy and saucer - mom's
Emily's writing - framed
Aunt Ann's artwork - painted on a wooden spoon
Vintage lamp - from Cookie

I'm hopelessly and pathetically sentimental.

I think the psychological interpretation -slash analysis - is that I had a happy childhood
I treasure the innocence of days gone by.

Very Mayberry-ish-y

I would've married Andy Taylor...
Except for those darn cigarettes.
But I can't say that he would've ever asked me.
He obviously settled for another school teacher -- his "steady" - Helen Crump.

The only time my waist was even near about as small as Miss Crump's...maybe was when I was in the 2nd grade.

I read that Andy's friends threw him a bachelor bash that you just know was a pretty wild affair.  They had macaroni and potato salad, for starters.

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