Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nope. Not in Paris

It's a puzzle, 
Molly and Emily constructed it.

Upright Puzzle - 3D
With a base that lights up

How cool is this?

This is the box.
The puzzle is actually for my classroom, but as I am often inclined...
I get my girls to construct the "item"/puzzle/...and they give me pointers on HOW to teach kids to successfully complete that puzzle.

They said this one takes major teamwork, communication skills, patience...and organizational skills.

The pieces are numbered on the back and have some arrows directing which way to join the puzzle pieces.

The lighted base gives it major engineering appeal.

I will be looking for another one of these with a different architectural structure.

Fun learning and together time...

1st Time for Molly to See a Zebra

Reading in Bed Before "Lights Out"

Molly - The Last Battle

Emily - Abby: Quest for Treasure

Friday, October 30, 2015

More Fair Pics

Another 1st - She Thinks It's a Toy

Don't tell her otherwise.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Returning Library Books - 1st Time at the Outside Drop Box

Every little moment is BIG to us!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Festival at Church

That's a vintage Rolls Royce.
Goodness me.
Our 'attorney friend', co-Boy Scout with my brothers (back in the day), drove this to the Trunk or Treat event at church.

Mary got treats from the trunk - that was decorated with a silver candelabra and vintage, bling bling evening dresses.

His wifey did the decorating.
He just did the driving.

He said he got for it cheap - but it costs a lot to maintain.
Drives like a he says.
Steering wheel in the right side.

Fun. Fun.

Our little princess posed by the car.

Another trunk had this decor.
After was at church.
Gotta love it.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Art Easel in the Dining Room Area - Group Effort

Molly's Fried Egg with Sriracha Sauce

That's how spell check is spelling -- what I typed as "siracha". 
Spell check is coe-rect.
There's another 'r' in that word.

It will auto correct on the post's title, 
but not down here in the text of the post.

The girls - Molly and Emily - have learned to fry eggs for breakfast.
-- organic ones
the turkey bacon is also organic.

I'm convinced now more than ever that this is how we should eat - as healthy as possible.

The only household cleaners we use --
White vinegar
Baking Soda
Maybe an essential oil for fragrance.

Mrs. Meyers soaps and dishwashing liquid - and pump air freshener

Gotta ditch the Gain detergent -- well...already have.

Desire of our heart -- a water purification system for the entire house. Seems our Pur filter jugs aren't really quality enough.

We use Tom's toothpaste
Chew Spry gum
Cook with olive oil or coconut oil only
Choose plastic containers that are BPA free
Use only "clean" pots and pans (no Teflon)
Sweeten with Stevia
Aim for brown rice pasta
Color my hair with a package from Whole Foods (or Vitacost....I LOVE Vitacost!!)
Get groceries that are -- as much as possible -- organic

But we have lots more to change!!!

My makeup - but I do use Burt's Bees lipstick
My hairspray
And just a bunch more things

This is how WE roll.
No judgement for others, tho.

It costs more - but we are planning, preparing, using coupons, buying quality meats on sale...grass fed beef and free range chicken 

The girls are getting accustomed to eating sandwiches (Ezekiel bread), soups, and salads at lunch - quesadillas, etc. 
Fruit is a part of every meal -- and most of the time veggies, too.

I aim to cook each evening -
But we eat at church every Wednesday night and "out" once in a while.

We're gonna do our part to learn 
Try new recipes
And live a nutritionally rich life to the fullest.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Emily's Current Reading Selection

Emily checked this book out at the church library Wednesday night. 
She finished it this morning - Saturday.

All that reading and schoolwork and other family activities (interpret: cook, eat, clean up, shower, sleep, visit) -- wow.
That was a fast read!!

Em says she likes books with exciting adventures.
We found this Abby - Lost at Sea  book on the shelf after Wednesday night prayer meeting.
It says, "An exciting, fast-paced read!"

Hmmmmm. Wonder if she'd like this one?

The back of the book tells about adventures filled with heart stopping danger, nasty villains...and then it says,
"Along the way you'll see that God can be trusted -- even in deep waters."

She decided between this series and another (Annie Henry). 
I didn't choose for her.

Guiding her -- but letting her choose --helps foster the continued love of reading based on her individual interests, genre, styles.

But how thankful I am that there are quality series books for children/youth that weave in truths from God's Word.

This is what is written on the dedication page of the book. It's a scripture referred to throughout the story as Abby faces many challenges.

Emily loved, loved, loved this book.
Can't wait to check out the next one in this series - Abby - Quest for Treasure.

I'm soooo thankful that my girls love to read, and I'm heartened by their choices of literature. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Someone Gave Us Tickets to a Fair, and We Had Fun!

Kinda strange seeing my older girls swinging sround out in the sky.
Molly loved this ride and rode it a 2nd time.
I bet it is a fun ride.

House of Mirrors

Carousel Rides - 1st Time for Molly and Mary

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This is the Sweetest Children's Story

I read it to Mary the other night.

I love the simplicity, artwork, and messages from children's books like this.

The kindness of an older man, Amos, and his zoo friends - treasuring the relationship they have.

** Sigh **

There's a unique frienship between Amos and all these animals...
But I believe he and the penguin have an extra special bond.

The penguin is shy.
Amos sits with him in silence.

But - if you study the artwork in the book you'll see Amos has a picture of a penguin on his wall.

On the final page (above) the picture shows everyone sleeping - except the penguin.
One gets the idea that the penguin is thinking quietly about how thankful he is to have an understanding friend like Amos.

I don't think we are ever too old for stories just like this.

Tea Party with Nanny Carol - So She Could Get Outside and Enjoy the Weather

Mom also practiced walking with her new hip joint - up and down the driveway with a walker Christy T. gave her.

Christy is a double knee replacement, nurse, hero kind of friend.
Mom to Haley - from China.

Mom did famously well on her outing to front yard.

The Girls are Watching Nanny Carol Give Herself an Injection with Blood Thinners

They are 'intent' to say the least.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mom Had Hip Replacement Surgery Last Monday

....and it's been a whirlwind of a week.
She's doing great!! So proud of her.

This is a post op photo.
I did edit Nanny Carol "out" - although she looks bee-you-tee-ful...considering all she's been through.

I ain't puttin' no picture of no southern lady -- on this blog -- who ain't got her lips on.

This is Cookie and Mary at the hospital. 
I was passing Mary off to another adult who took her home to Emily, Molly, and Marlene while I stayed at the hospital that evening after work.

Mary came from school with me since she attends my school.

We did this Monday night and Tuesday night. Mom came home on Wednesdsy afternoon
we ALL spent the night Wednesday night,Thursday night....and we'll do so until Monday, 10/19. 

Out came the air mattresses at Nanny Carol's house. All 3 girls slept in the dining-living room area.

I slept in a front bedroom.

Mom would call me on my cell phone when I needed to go to her room for assistance needed -- fluffing pillows, getting up, etc.

It's been a joy to be there for her.

Skipper is taking excellent care of her while I'm at we're sorta tag teaming.

The girls brought Nanny Carol this lovely tray of  food this morning.

Mary had an apron on - with a notepad and a waitress.

Pretty funny - but all so sweet.

Emily and Molly wrote scriptures that pertain to strength, and Nanny Carol uses them in her morning prayer time.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

More Cultural School - Music and Chinese Knot Tying Bracelet

Mary went to music classes and played instruments to Chinese music.

Emily and Molly made bracelets like this - symbolic knot tying, red threads, porcelain and jade beads.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cultural School: 2015-2016

They ALL are wearing glasses!
Anna, Jenna, Molly, Hailey, and Maria

Emily and Shiyan

Mary and a rabbit - class mascot for a Cultural School teacher.
It was great to be together with our friends.

Kitten Time - China Bear Wrapped Up