Saturday, September 12, 2015

Molly's Science Project

The 3-D flowers below are made with real leaves and stems from a Crape Myrtle...
And wrapping tissue scrunched into the shapes of Crape Myrtle blooms.

I love it!

I told the girls, "We ain't doin' no stick-in-the-mud-type science projects!!! 
That's my Ellie Mae Clampet interpretation.

I told them, "I want you to use your creativity.
Have fun.
Use a variety of materials -
No flat piece of paper with boring reports.

Find something you're studying that really interests you - and focus on that.
Let's go find it.
Touch it.
Smell it.
Research it.
Photograph it...
And then you decide how you want to present your findings."

I think Molly got the gist of the conversation 'just right'!

Don't tell my mother I borrowed her wrapping tissue without asking.


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