Friday, September 11, 2015

Learning the Concept of 5 + 1, + 2...Using an Egg Carton

...with the 2 end 'egg holders' cut off

There are 5 counters on the top row
kids have to develop in their understanding that if 1 more counter is added to the next row...
they don't really need to go back and count the top 5 again.

But they will.

Time and time again.

Add 2 counters on the next row...and ask, "How many counters do we have now?"
They'll still go back and count the top 5 before giving the new total.
You can add 3, 4, 5, and keep going.
They'll still count the top 5 and add on the new ones.

This all necessary to them developing in number sense.

Eventually - it all falls into place.

But it takes exposure 
In different circumstances 
With hands on learning 

Over and over and over 

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