Friday, August 14, 2015

Tactile Tangrams

This learning-thinking resource is something I ordered for Mary via the Exceptional Ed dept in our school district.
They paid for them.
Mary does have an IEP providing her the accommodations necessary to assist her in learning.

Let's order nifty items!!
Here are the tactile Tangrams.
Completing the patterns and designs are not easy. 

It's a "stick to it until you get it" type activity - for ANY person
Any age.

These templates have raised edges and Braille.
Mary doesn't need Braille, but the raised, blackened edges sure do make it all more defined.
It's blank inside the design.
No hints. Nuthin'

I let Mary look at the answer sheet below as she handled the 7 Tangrams pieces, manipulating them (flipping and rotating them).

Good brain connections - understanding how geometric shapes relate to one another in designs.
Figuring it all out.

As she develops in her thinking skills I'll provide less assistance -- thru the years.

Take those black lines out from everywhere but the border of the picture and you'll see how challenging these can be.

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