Friday, August 28, 2015

Savoring Swim Time - Soon Will Be No More

....or at least not until next summer
- unless we find an indoor pool
- we'll be looking!

In the pic above, the girls are COLD.
The temps have been a tad lower,
And the water is not warm...

Until they dunk underneath.
Then - they adjust.

I forgot my swim clothes.

Leaving school to come to weekend job
I run home to snatch
- 2/3 of the kiddie posse cuz I have 1/3 with me (Mary)
- 2/3 of the dogs (yes...Peanut and Chase come)
- 4 bags of some sort that hold clothes, books, blow dryer, Sunday clothes (but obviously not swim clothes)
- another bag that holds my small Mr. Coffee pot, Coffee Mate, stevia, coffee filters, and Community Dark Roast coffee, dog leashes, dog food, makeup
** Rats! Forgot my hairspray!
- bag that holds Molly and Emily's school work that I need to check, help explain, and books to read

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