Friday, August 7, 2015

Paint Color Cards Turned Into Flowers, Butterfly, and Ladybug

Emily's flowers and bugs are created from paint card samples.
I hope Lowe's can forgive us.

Actually I think I AM the one who got these with a five finger discount.


This is Mary's picture.
She has one precious little flower made from the paint color cards.

She's learning by example - in more ways than this.
Quite the little art-test, huh?

She's leaving the "Airplane Phase" of drawing.
EVERY picture she's drawn for 3 months has had an airplane in it.
Over a bunny's head.
Above a steeple.
Beside a carrot.

I'm not sure about her source of inspiration on all that.

While these 2 were creating, Molly was out and about mastering bike riding 101!

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