Sunday, August 23, 2015

Finished Documenting Summer Reading Journal

We're turning in a log for 100 books.
It's really a larger number.
Many of these books were read repeatedly at Mary's request.
We, of course, only noted them 1 time.

We accommodated her wishes.

We read for pleasure 
To learn about Gods great big world
To be awed by what authors have to say
To touch and feel the animals in books that have fabric or cotton characters 
To re-visit old friends
And make new ones
To learn famous stories from the Bible
And how "Lucky Duck" emphasizes short 'u' sounds

Mary had to draw pictures 
Copy words 
Cut and Paste
To show (prove) that she did indeed participate in reading experiences with these books

We all read to her
Board Books
Library loans
Most from our own home collection 
Several given to her via Janice - ESL teacher
Some books were cassette stories (cuz I love an audio cassette player - Case closed.)
A few were CD's

A couple were played on her special audio device from the Library for the Visually Impaired - little tape looking objects that - when inserted - become Talking Books (I'll take a good book any way I can get it and in any mode!) 

It was s concerted effort to sorta "scrapbook" the reading journal...
But as Sweet Betsy, mom to daughter from Kunming (where Mary is from) says, "Done is good."


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