Saturday, August 22, 2015

Coppin-a-Squat: DVD Time

Wrong season - Springtime Surprises
But I'm not one to care about that.

I borrowed this DVD from the school library - it and a DVD with Shelly Duval hosting bedtime stories.

Emily said she watched those when she was younger.
She said she saw some of these stories with her school librarian, Martha K.
Dear, Precious, Unselfish Martha & her hubby. (They are the cutest couple.)

She stopped by a few weeks ago to grace us with her adorable smile, the sweetest card, and a gift card for the girls to go shopping. 
I'm beyond blessed to have friends like I do.
Oh how we love her and her family.

Molly and Emily are sweet to sit with Mary and watch these stories with her.
I believe the older girls tend to enjoy doing so.

A mom of 7 whom I admire to the ends of the earth told me that having Mary here in our family will actually "keep Emily and Molly younger for a longer period of time".
I easily grasp how this is so.

Molly missed out on family time as a young girl -- and it's almost like she's in "make up for lost time" mode.

However, she's mature, keen, and wise.

We'll soon be celebrating Emily's 7th Gotcha Day.
Oh my. 
Where did that time go.
She will now have lived longer in our family as a U.S. Citizen
Than she did in China.

Emily loves for me to tell her about the early days of her arriving to America.
She often asks, "Was I little like Mary?"
"Did I act like Mary."
Nope. Different personalities.

Last night at the dinner table Molly told us stories of her younger years in China.

Today - for the first time Mary asked me to tell her about our time together in China.

Children want to know the stories of their lives.
Of how they've been loved
Watched over 
Cried over
Prayed for 

"Red and yellow black and white
They are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves the little children
Of the world."

-- even when they're grown, working hard, retired, in school, caring for others, volunteering, and living life to the best of their abilities 

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