Saturday, July 25, 2015

School Books and Manuals Have Arrived

Molly is unloading all her new books. We bought NEON pink crates to store all of her manuals, quiz books, test booklets, etc. Same for Emily.

Emily has already peeked at her dvd's for the new year.
World History is going to be great. I've heard fab reviews about this teacher -- a man...with a passion for history. Heard he lights a fire in the hearts of students to look at history as more than the study of dead men and dates.

Miss mary has already begun learning via this book.
Got a few math ones and a big, ole fat handwriting book, too.

There are days I totally "get" that kiddos have to be exposed over and over and over
to concepts in meaningful ways to grasp and understand the complexity of it all.

It's beyond flash cards and worksheets (although I believe they have a place of value).
Example: A young child might count to 50 every morning in a classroom.
Day after day.
But after doing so - ask them what number comes right before the number 40.
Many - not all - will look at you like you have three heads.

Children have to develop - over time - in the richness of "what it all means and how it is all connected".

Mary is doing just that.
Having fun.

Adults are really getting a kick out of her speech and choice of words.
She'll say, "Well...actually mom...I did brush my teeth."

Guess who uses the word 'actually' to explain things to Mary?
I do.
Kiddos will parrot what they hear.

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