Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hammerin' and Choppin' - These Girls are Learning Life Skills

...and they are so incredibly helpful
All the time
and even better -- they're glad to help.

This summer we have been waaaay off schedule, 

When we'd get up in the mornings, the girls would hang out and then
prepare breakfast (an assigned job all the time).

The menu likely included one or two of the following:
Chinese soup
Baked turkey bacon (safer than stove top)
Toast with jelly or Nutella type spread
Ezekiel raisin bread with butter
Gluten free muffins 
Scrambled eggs

Then we all would meet to come up with the game plan for the day -
Reading times
Errands to run

We are a team around this home.
Gotta be.
Plus - it's great for character development.

We aim to serve one another.

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