Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Engineering for Girls - Emily is Attending This Camp

I think Molly will enjoy this next summer. She focused on swimming lessons this year.

Emily's camp teacher is an engineer and physics guru turned teacher.
A lady.
I'm impressed.

Legos that are programmed via computer programs
3-D printed designs...using very specialized techno tools

Great learning!!

Oh My. Look Who Made My Bed...All By Herself

Miss Mary sleeps with me ----- often.
It's great for attachment!
Emily did, too.

Molly was a tad too old for it to be 'comfortable' -- 1 month shy of 12 when coming home from China.
Never attempted it - although all the girls will pile into bed with me now.
At times
To be silly
And way too squirmy

But we've found other ways to snuggle, touch, and show deep affection - an older child and new (stranger) mom.
-- in the swimming pool playing
-- hand holding in parking lots
-- hugging during prayer time at church
-- stroking/patting her legs when she's sprawled out reading
-- close proximity 

I love that we are all affectionate toward each other. I'm a huggy kinda girl anyway.
The girls seem to relish in knowing they'll never to be old to be "loved on".
None of us should ever be!

Monday, June 29, 2015

I Love This Week!! I Love America...

Emily and Mary worked together on this star spangled craft while I was with Molly at Physical Therapy this morning.

Emily modeled -- taught -- explained 
and kept Mary from using green and yellow star stickers on the flag.

They problem solved by using a stick in between the paper handle - to shore it up.
Good idea.

I put out the supplies and said, "Have fun."
Great thinking skills for Mary
Fine motor development.
Sister time.

Along with everything else this week -
-- Mary will grasp the idea of the 4th of July.
Her first here in the USA.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

Back to Those Surgi-Gloves

Frozen medical-type glove -- filled with water 
Overnight in the freezer 
Molly's rendition
With a ring 

Wonder what the next one will look like?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Love These OLD Schoolhouse Doors

Went to get Mary's free 15 books of her choice 
Janice heads all this up for the ESL kiddos.
We traveled across town to an old "junior high school" to make the fun selections.
Princess Books Galore!!!!

LuLu in the mix....

Many of these books have CDs that Read Aloud.
Gotta love that!

Thanks, Janice.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Swim Time - My Girls Changed Cuz We Had To Go Order Homeschool Books for 2015-16

We had to skee-daddle to attend event where we ordered next school year's materials.

I got a discount for attending the ABeka event 
got one for ordering early.

Did it last year, too.

Paid the deposit and set up monthly billing.
It's a good bit cheaper this year.
ABeka lowered prices 
Molly (I) can use all of the teacher's materials that Emily used last year --
And the readers

Das whut I'm talkin' 'bout!!!!

Thanks, Julie and Jenna, for inviting us to swim.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Washing the the Dogs in a Little Swimming Pool

About 9:00 at night - 
Mary wanted to wash the dogs.
I told her she could after supper. 
Turned out to be later than I'd anticipated.

It was a buggar of a time cuz this dog - Chase - went and rolled in dirt and dried prickly foliage from a type of evergreen plant in the yard -- all after being bathed.
I thought he'd roll in the nice green grass.


It was more difficult the 2nd time around for him.
I placed him in the outside kennel to shake off the wet
and then brought him inside.
Little Rascal.

It's really not difficult bathing the puppers in this little pool.

Now tomorrow - I've gotta trim the boys' hair BIG TIME.

Long overdue. 
Trust me.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Little Weekend Beach Trip

It was a great 52 hours away from normal life at home to travel and visit family.

She wanted to build a sand mountain -
Not a sand castle.

Uh - I believe that would definitely be called an anchor.
A big ole honkin' one.

We saw a male and female peacock, too -- flying around us.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

I said, "Mary. Those are called swords."
She said, "I know. I saw 'it' in Mulan".

Alrighty then.

Staying free at my brother's house. Yay!

There were dead fish washed up on the beach.
Eyeballs had been eaten from their little heads.
Nanny Carol doesn't wanna hear that.
She didn't want to watch Shark Stories on National Geographic either.

I don't want to see ANY, ANY footage of animal attacks on other animals or people. 
I will not watch it. 

BUT the fish had long given up the ghost.

The girls were picking them up and throwing them back into the water -- even tho they were not alive.

Amusing to them.

Banana Creme Sno Balls for these two.

Hello Kitty Snow Ball - hmmmm.
Not quite sure what those flavors are.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Photos of My 3 Girls While They Were Living in China

Marlene sent me this photo of the 3 photos.

They are her copies.


She said she wants the girls to know they were loved and prayed for before they ever came home.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sisters and Sisters

The day after Mary's surgery, Molly and Emily were going to help Marlene and Anne as they all together helped Yvonne (far right) and her sister, Linda (in the wheelchair.)

I stayed home to care for Mary who was recovering. 

We know Linda through the Special Ministries program at church. 

Both Anne and Marlene are known for impacting the lives of others in the best of ways. They planned this project.

Well....Em and Molly went to Yvonne's house (where Linda lived) to help bag pine cones and pick up sticks.

I heard it was quite a task -- as in Anne even brought over a 12 year old boy and his teenage brother as they realized how much work was needed to be done.

They started their together time with a devotional at Anne's before heading to Yvonne's. 

It is June.
In the Deep South.
Dare I say - sweltering.

But this passel of girls, women, and boys got the job done. 
They showed love in action to these 2 sisters.
They were encouragers.

Yvonne has been the care giver for Linda - who is a special needs adult.
I think Yvonne - herself - may have a form of MS, AND her husband has been in the hospital critically ill.

I'm so proud my daughters could be a part of a team like this -  last week
Linda went home to heaven a few days later.

Oh my.

What an honor for the group to serve this  dear soul mere days before she met Jesus face to face.

She's whole.
And we are so blessed to have known her on this side of heaven.

Thanks Marlene and Anne.
Thank you precious Emily and Molly.
Thank you for giving of yourselves to some of God's most prized possessions

Being a 5 Year Old Can Be a Tiring Job

Sunday, June 14, 2015

1st Time Bowling

One side of her overalls is unhooked.
She looks like she's sporting a redneck "gangsta" alley look.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Night Swim on Friday and back in Saturday Morn

This is the pool located at the group home where I work part time.
Great water therapy for the special needs residents.
And fun, too.

It's the best pic I could get with my flash.

Mary said, "Today is beautiful."
I agree!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Guess Who Is Taking Little Piano Lessons With Her Sisters?

Gosh - She looks tiny, huh?

First March.
Balloon Man.
1st two songs.

We are very, very low key with our piano "learning".

Freudian slip - low key/piano key

Em and Molly practice 20 minutes approximately 4-5 times a week.
Their lessons last 30 minutes for each girl.

The. Teacher. Is. A. Saint.

Older lady - classically trained.
Loves my girls.
Been on a mission trip to China a few years ago.

Mary is playing some 2-3-2-3 /left-right finger exercises.
She did just fine.

I mean - really - this will help her with grasping counting concepts, directions (L-R) all while manipulating keys to make
fun sounds and songs.

What super hands on learning and brain connecting!
Most of the music books are from a series called Sacred Praise.
The songs are Christian based and beautiful.

I sometimes feel like Marmee in Little Women with her girls laughing together and making music in the home.
Talking all at the same time.
Playing with cats.
Growing together.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Eye surgeon said she was good to go swimming and "See ya in 3 months."

She Asked to Borrow My Sunglasses

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mary's Very First "Picture Show" on a Big Screen - Turbo

Awwww. Another first.
A picture show -- such an old fashioned term.

2.00 each person.

Cannot beat that AND a box of popcorn, drink, and Welch's fruit gummies for another 2 bucks.
*** I know. Junk...but we never go to theaters. ***

Mary enjoyed it a lot.
We took a little blanket inside, and she liked being all comfy and clingy.

Em was with us. Such a delightful time...
Except for the last 20 minutes when my bladder felt every drop of liquid I'd consumed in the last 4 hours of my life.