Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Mama - I tall."

Mary in the middle
Sounds like a TV sitcom title -- from the past.
Em on left
Molly on right

Gears. Gears. Gears.

She does get visually close to whatever she's doing - writing, building, watching movies on a TV monitor.

Those shoes are the ones she had on when I met her in Kunming.


I just this minute noticed something.

Mercy me.
They're coming slap dab apart.

What Can I Say?

They taped their artwork on a shower curtain I have hanging on the wall in the hall.
Then - they taped themselves.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Painting on the Floor - and Social Worker was Here

They stopped for my homemade fried rice.
I was being interviewed nearby by my precious Social Worker. Post placement visit for Mary.
Her visits for Molly and Mary overlap.
How funny - 2 adoptions in 2.5 years.

I have Mary painting on paper towels, too.

Zee Are-Teest: Check Out Her Hand on Her Hip

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Crafting and Creative Fun - at Friend's House

Emily made this...with owl stickers, brown string, colored paper, and super imagination.

Molly's is a little creation that will have writing on it.
I think she's planning to put scriptures in it.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

No. The Escalator Was Not "Moving".

They totally get "You do NOT play on or around escalators.
I promise.
Mary understands
If she were younger, I would not allow these scenarios to be blurred...There'd be NO playing ever around a non-moving escalator.

But we did do some clowning around on one that was not up and running.

This is an escalator we are around OFTEN.
My girls know the rules of safety when near it.

Just having a little fun climbing down the side rails and walls.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hanging Out with Some of Our Really Cool Friends

I drove a van and took the whole posse to a formal event.
We did not dress up - because we hung out elsewhere - in another room - while our Doodied up friends were entertained.

Aren't they lovely?

It was crowded at the gathering, and we wanted to leave plenty of space for the invitees.
I just chauffeured.

We met this sweet pageant contestant who happens to use a motorized wheelchair to get around.

She's a living doll in her tiara!!!

Great night to mix and mingle.

Smiles on!!
*** Yes. Mary wore her bunny house shoes. Why not, I say?!? She took them off to play in a bubble machine. ***

Thursday, April 23, 2015

End of 1st Year Homeschooling - and It Was a Great One!'

Molly - Finishing up her final exam on math 

Molly had only been home from China a few weeks when she conveyed to me that she was not a good math student at her school in China.

Granted - I feel certain that Chinese math classes are pretty rigorous--
And WHO...pray tell...was going to help her with her studies?!

She made a big fat A for the end of the year grade in math.
That's Abeka math - concise, heavy on review, and challenging.

But....SUPER TEACHER -- Mr. Howe is the instructor.
He taught Emily's math, too.

They both say they will miss their teachers cuz they've really gotten to know them and love them.

Wow. I wish all kids could say that!!!

She's showing her thick stack of papers - ones she worked on all year -
for math.
She's an A grade girl, too.

Language Arts is more challenging for them, but that makes sense.
Especially for Molly - and verb tenses.

No lie. I have to check the answer key sometimes to see which answer is correct.

They've had a great year homeschooling.
It's been an answer to a prayer I've had from many years back - for this time in their lives.

I'm telling ya - the Lord is true to His promises.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mary is Learning about Missionaries in Mexico

Painted a flag of Mexico

Created a felt taco

With yarn cheese and yarn lettuce
White paper onions
Shredded brown paper meat

Who'd a thought?!

Dressed 'Em Up Like Little Monkeys - Same T Shirts

Mary likes to brush her teeth.
She'll then come up to one of us...with her gleaming pearls shining brightly...and say, 
"My TEACE is VELY VELY white."

You read that correctly.

Another one of her fave lines is, 
"I like you."
She's giddy when saying it.

It's almost as tho this comment of affection is more highly prized -- at this point in time -- than,
"I love you."

I think it is.

She's learning to love us all, but that -- in reality -- takes time. I'm not sure a newly adopted 5 y/o can grasp what love is.

She's probably been politely parroting "I love you" in response to our saying it to her.
All good.

But now...
I think she's really, really feeling comfortable, safe, cared for, joyful...
And it feels good to her.
Deep down.

So...her grin filled, ecstatic "I like you" is her voicing acceptance.
She's happy.
She's truly happy, 
and showing us her 
They say that the most hilarious line in the Bible is Pilate speaking about Jesus’ tomb: “Go, make it as secure as you can.
Ann Voskamp

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

These Girls are Diligent with Their Responsibilities

Finishing up some school work
No prodding
No prompting

They just do it...
They plan and prepare

I'm so blessed!!!

Lulu looks like a babushka kitty with a bandanna tied about her little feline head.

Today's Topic of Interest - You Guessed It.

We made a little chick with what we had on hand here at the house.
Cute, huh?
-- pom poms
-- Googly eyes
-- wet glue
-- shredded napkin
-- part of an egg carton
-- Emily helped with tiny feet
-- Molly had the idea of using a yellow toothpick for beak

Baby chick was made while I cooked supper
After cutting the yard
After weedeating
After a 20 min nap
After I got home from school

Time is such an important commodity.
We're already planning to read about and make a Rainbow Fish -- at Mary's request.

Gotta strike while the iron is hot.
Fun. Fun. Fun.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Living Room Decor - Darling Touch/Feel Color Cards

Gifts from our Kansas buddies - Samm and his mom and dad

All lined up on the chair railing/white wooden molding that makes the niftiest little ledge
Behind Great Granmother's Singer sewing machine

That IS our television.
All 12" by 11" of black and white delight 
No cable
No channels
But a boatload of quality movies, cartoons, children's learning shows, classics, documentaries (I need more of these.)
VHS and DVDs
Many given to us or gotten cheaply is my friend!

Aren't these precious to have out?
We adore them!!

Mary likes constructing.
Heck - I like constructing patterns and pictures, too.
It's a good thing since I teach school.

Coloring a picture of a ladybug - practicing those fine motor skills

Yes - that is the Hello Kitty backpack Emily used as a primary student.
I put a piece of tape over 1 name and wrote the other's name.

Or maybe I didn't and I just think I did.
The tape deal may have been on the nap mat that was Em's and is now being used by Little Mary.

I don't want new backpacks and mats.

It does my heart good to bring out the used ones...the cherished ones - from treasured days of the past...
and "remember".

I love re-reading the books and stories I've read with the other 2 girls.
I'm reading the really sweet, basic stories right now to Mary - lots of "Board Books" and pages with minimal plots, bright pictures, and engaging text.
Gingerbread Man
A Nap for Zap
Beginner's Bible Stories
Biscuit stories 
and tons of other books folks like Janice and Lisa have given Mary.
Love Goodwill and the public library.

Julie and Jenna gave Em books for her first U.S. birthday gift.
Of course we still have them.

Martha K. - our schools former Librarian - can be thanked for wonderful children's books scattered about our home.
We love Dewey the Library Cat.

Sherrie, Samm, and Dick, too.
I put their books and learning toys and cards out as home decor.

Fun to think of our friends as we look at their gifts!

I 'bout can't say no to a children's book.
How's that for fine southern grammar?!

But at some point in the next few years, I'll return to Amelia Bedelia ((a fave for Em) and Fancy Nancy (one Molly really enjoyed).

I'll remember the times we shared these stories together.

The special-ness of it all.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gorgeous Afternoon at the Park

-- church
-- lunch
-- 40 min nap
-- park
-- church
-- pizza night
-- Bible reading
-- bed

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

She Loves Watching Videos About Jesus

Not at home 
Don't have a computer 

Patterns with Model Magic

Black ball
Blue oval
Yellow ball

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Morning at Cultural School - Photos of Some of the Younger Asian Sweethearts

Rivers, Emily, and Molly after the Chinese Shadow Puppet Play

It was beautiful day to be outside and picnic.

Mary in Little Tykes car and Abby following behind her on a BALANCE BIKE (no pedals...teaches kids to balance first)

1st time on one of these bikes

Abby with her glowing smile

Jack - all boy!

Shaun - soon to be a big brother

Sweet Sarah

Miss Mayley