Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Visiting with Mrs. Helen on a Summer Day

We have been super busy this summer, and it's been a BLAST.
Quite a contrast to last summer when were holed up in the house - working through the major life adjustments in our family. Everybody made it safely to the other side of this phase (I personally think it takes a few years to get into the somewhat normal groove of life after an older child adoption.).
We are all doing famously well.

Anyhoo, because we've been stacked back to back with fun outings and adventures, this post is just now being written.

Mrs. Helen.
Janice's mom.

She lives sorta out in the country, and we made plans to go to her house for a visit. We actually were there last summer, too. The girls are so interested in her house, her life, her stories, her ways.

We packed a picnic lunch to take with us - enough for ALL to eat.
Well, Mrs. Helen said that since it was so hot outside, why not have the picnic in the den.
On the floor.
On a tablecloth.

Yep. Right up our alley.
Being the "kid friendly" person she is, Mrs. Helen had a little agenda of fun planned.

She said, "Well, WHAT must one have for a true picnic? Lemonade."
So she helped the girls make a semi-homemade pitcher of just that very drink.
In her vintage-type kitchen with all the little grandmotherly trinkets sitting about.
Ahhhh....the joy.

Her next statements were, "'ve GOT to hike a little on a picnic. Ride a bike, and play a few outdoor games."
She spoke them with an almost giddy sounding anticipation.
It sure got us excited.

SOOOOO - we literally marched around the inside of her home.
Each of us mounted the exercise bike and rode awhile.
Then she treated us to a game of bean bag toss with some cardboard oatmeal containers.
Helen's got a good arm.
She played baseball/softball with youth groups from church. Said that her team would seem to minus enough players so she filled in the gaps on the field.

Mrs. Helen had baked us homemade Ginger Snaps (cookies), fed the girls 2 little pieces of chocolate candy, and told us the most interesting stories. We walked around her yard, saw her divine collection of Day Lillies, snapped pictures of sweet little flowers, and came home with a tomato plant and a bell pepper plant.
And lots of special memories.

WE took Emily's and Molly's outfits from China to show her - and to extend the experiences of conversation and travel. I knew this would give Em and Molly "topics" to talk about with this sweet older woman. I want to t-e-a-c-h the girls h-o-w to interact and communicate with others. I often provide topics....
I don't know if it's the teacher in me, the parent that I am, or just plan ole strangeness on my part.

Did we have fun?
Did we ever?!
The girls were elated  to have the little picnic experiences a la Mrs. Helen.

When I asked them later on what their favorite part of the day was....hands was playing the bean bag toss game!!
Simple, simple pleasures with family friends.
We love ya, Mrs. Helen!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sign on Bathroom Door - Written by Girls Who Need to Add -ed to Verb

Girls with a mother who punctuates (or not) whenever she so desires AND who makes errors blogging from an iPhone...only to edit posts at a later date.

Seems fur babies in our home tend to unroll perfectly good spools of toilet paper (Spools?! I don't think so.)
And spread lots of it around the house

I just hope our critters:
A) are looking UP high enough to read the warning...I mean well thought out sign
B) are educated enough to actually READ and heed

I can always get them a step stool and teach them with Hooked on Phonics.

I mean the girls -
Not the critters.


What We've Watched on VHS or DVD - over the summer

Heaven is a Real Place
Despicable Me, 2 (Molly laughed until she was wiggling all over! Emily, too.)
Both Redbox rentals
For $1.28 we can watch one of these movies?!
I've obviously been living under a rock.
It would've cost us nearly $30 to see Heaven movie at theater.
We're done with theaters - even tho we only go about 1x a year.
I can rent it with Redbox, eat dinner while I watch it, pause the movie to go to the bathroom, and entertain 2 girls and my mother for about a quarter each.
Dawg gone cheap.
But hey -
They're worth it.
EVEN my mother....
Hee hee.

Dennis the Menace  (Hmmmmm....Gonna chunk it. Mr. Wilson says, "Bring me the g.d. _______." I can't remember WHAT goes in the blank. He does not say the curse words....but really?!?? Using the initials/term/reference to "g.d" in ANY movie at any time in any way.
Free ---- but scum trash now.
And no lie - Emily and Molly don't even know what g.d. refers to.

The Borrowers 
The Whipping Boy (classic children's book...KK taught this unit to our kids at school. Em and M really liked this one.
Both Goodwill purchases!!
Cha Ching 

Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Baby's Day Out (The girls LOVED this one a bunch.)
Public Library
The Peoples' University
Free is good!

Return of Nanny McPhee
First Dog
Miracle Dogs
Borrowed these 3.
All good.

I'm not sure I can really be "done" with theaters when we go so rarely.
Oh well.
Seems like I was making a great point.

Dippin' Strawberries in White Chocolate

To take to some friends' house

The girls had just washed their hair

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Playing DUTCH BLITZ til the Cows Came Home

Or shall I say they played til 11:30 p.m.

I had never heard of this game.
Dutch Blitz.

Seems it's a very old timey sorta card game. 
Super fun.
Fast paced.
Gotta think quickly.
But not complicated.

Based on these 6 girls playing - over and over and over - it appears to be habit forming.

We visited with another family on Tuesday evening.
Some of my FAVE people on planet earth.


I wished they lived next door.

Anyhoo - I was entertaining the little brother with my bird, Boogie Woogie.
Cage and all.
I got to read him a little book about animals and make a dough concoction out of cornstarch and shaving cream.

There are 7 kids in the family. 
I wanted to pitch in and bring a little learning experience to Master Joseph.
He was born with Spinal Muscular Dystrophy.
He can only move his eyes.
But he snatched our hearts a loooong time ago. 
Little buggar kept wanting us to let the bird fly out of the cage.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

See the Laptop? I Am Not Raisin' Hillbillies.

It happens to be a FREE laptop!!!
Thank you, Lord.

Cille and Steve - good buddies - gave us their old one.
Seems it won't do a lot of specific functions & won't hold a battery charge...SO they gave it to us.

Perfect for the girls to:
- design Power Points
- view Abeka homeschooling lessons
- write/compose thank you notes (They love the spellcheck - as do I.) Then  they re-write them on cards in their own handwriting.
- play music 
- watch DVD movies
- fiddle with inserting graphics into texts
- take over 3rd world countries
Not really. It's not Internet connected.
We don't have Internet at home.

Ok. Maybe we ARE hillbillies.
Yee haw.

Looks like LuLu the cat is Class Monitor for the day. 
Or maybe she's at recess
Or Time Out
Either way - she's a hoot to have around.

See Peanut peeking in the back door?
He's ready to return to class.
He was excused to go to the bathroom.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Medical Visits Galore This Week

- eye doctor - Em
- optometry consult - Em
- orthodontist - both girls
- orthotics repair - Molly
- physical therapy - 2x Molly
- adjustments - 2x Em and Molly
- yearly visit for me - me (oh the joy)

All good
Maintenance type visits
We are blessed!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Pics from a Fun Week

-- Millie, Emily, and Molly - sitting out by Millie's pool after her mom cooked us all a wonderful Asian meal

-- Andre and Pals Up to Some "Fun Plotting"

-- Digging in the Sand at 9:00 at night...
Not something we get to do everyday 
-- Simple fun under the stars - friends and family

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The 3 Amigos


Are they darling or what?!
We'll remember -
Shady Spady
Andre hiding flip flops
Hide and Go Seek
Beach walks at night
Getting buried in the sand
Card tricks
Apples to Apples
Mo Mo
Sandy Andy
Mr. Know It All
Deal Busters
The missing Crocs
Biting bugs
the sound of the waves at night
It's time for cake!
"You're reading my eyes."
A super great time of our families hanging out together...old friends. Tried and True!

Look at Our 2 Little Buddies - Crab 1 & Crab 2

Beach Girls

Monopoly Empire - Great Version.

This game went well with Red Velvet Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.
At 12:30 a.m.
It was GAME TIME!!!
It was also Andre's special order birthday cake.
He eats that and calamari.
Both girls ate it with him.
I stuck to a chicken gyro with grilled veggies.
We sure had fun.
We miss him already!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Galveston Beach in Conjunction with Shriner's Trip

Molly's eyes are closed cuz it's actually pitch black on the beach. When the flash went off, it was bright!!!

She loved being buried in the sand - as did Emily and Andre (my friend Cindy's grandson). The whole sensory integration  factor was 10 on a scale from 1 to 10. The friendship and simple fun 11!!!

We are all staying together - along with Cindy and Nanny Carol. 

Making the most of moments in life...

Molly at Shriner's a Hospital

being fitted with orthotics 
- a few adjustments being made with brace in the foot area
- shoe to be modified

- gotta come back in about 3-ish weeks to get the new shoes and brace

- Molly and Emily playin a video game in the children's play area of Shriner's (They had been reading The Secret Garden/Molly and The Wind in the Willows/Emily)
- Memories of being here a year ago...with Molly being so new to our family 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thank you to Samm and Family for these Wonderful Books

Oh how we love them...
The family AND the books!

It's 1:20 a.m. And They Are Still Playing

I bowed out at 1:00 - and I do mean 1:00 in the morning.
As in - decent people are in bed at this time.
They love this game. Just bought it on Tuesday at ye ole Walmart.
Good kid fashioned family fun.

Found This at a Garage Sale

What are the chances ?!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

OK!! Last Field Trip to a Krispy Kreme...for a While

We saw the doughnut dough rising in front of our eyes... On mechanized conveyor shelves - heated.

The glazing station was turned on.

The main conveyor section started up - flipping doughnuts into the grease and then flipping them once again.

Everyone had Hot Doughnuts Now - as the sign lit up for us!!!

I just think this is Science Fun 101:

All for 10 lbs and 10 dollars. 

We chose to eat the very ones we saw go through the process of being made. 

I better stick to nature walks!

My Girls at Ceramics - Making Crosses from Clay

- cutting them out
- stamping designs in them
- glazing 
- firing
- selling them via their soon-to-be little business

Poster on the wall in their ceramics class

Wednesday, July 2, 2014