Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Physical Therapy for Molly - Wall Squats - Feelin' the Burn

We all join in and do the home PT together. Heaven knows my inner thighs need the help.
They no longer rub together.
I think they're stuck.

The girls have good form.
90 degree angles of thighs.
Knees over heels.
Don't hang onto anything.
And wait for the quiver.
It'll come.
Soon enough.

Rinse and repeat.

Great for strengthening Molly's affected leg.
We have an in house genius in the family to thank for this suggested PT exercise!!!

Molly TRYING To Do Homework

....or LuLu helping her

In Tub Because of Weather Warnings

Cat on the Dishwasher Door - PRE wash cycle

Em's Needlework

Monday, April 28, 2014

Such a Great Story Sent to Me by a Friend

Copy and paste in browser
Go to A Holy Experience
Jan. 22 Devotional
How to get Through the Dark Placed

I googled the info and found the original story. 


Sunday, April 27, 2014

At End of Year Cultural School Picnic

Mrs. Zhou Teaching Em and Molly Chinese Calligraphy

Molly - uhhhhm....Don't think she needed much help learning this

She wrote like this in Xilinhot, China.
So-----hmmmm. Maybe she could teach the little ones how to do this.
There's a thought!

I think she'd be a great teacher - or Labor and Delivery Nurse.
She's got a high tolerance for not cringing at what most kids flip over.

Namely shots, needles.

Not a problem for Miss Molly.

And when we brought the kittens home as 4 week old rescues, to bottle feed...she'd whip those little angels around post haste.
Just reminded me of L&D nurses snatching up wailing newborns.

Can't wait to see what The Lord has planned for her life.
I wouldn't be surprised if it involved mission-type work.
In China.
In the area where she grew up.
She yearns for the souls of that people group - as Emily does for Meizhou, China.

My job is is to teach them how to hear from heaven as The Lord whispers His magnificent plans into their hearts.

What an honor.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Molly Getting Her New Brace and Shoe

She's a trooper.
No complaining.
I'm so proud of her

Stopped on the Way Home to Photograph Mama Duck and Babies

We'll stop for ANY learning opportunity - especially if it involves nature!

Emily in the Baptistry at Church

No water in there.
But on Mother's Day.....
She's being baptized.
Em told me she felt The Lord wanted her to be baptized and show others that she was willing to make a public profession of her faith in Jesus as her Savior.
We are friends with the family of the other 2 girls in this photo.
Did not know they had decided to do the same.
SO - the Baptistry will be running over with precious children following the Lord's example of water baptism.

It was Mother's Day weekend, 2008, when I accepted Emily's referral from China.

Red Threads do reach around the world!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Em and M's Magnetic Bulletin Boards

Cute the way they decorate them, huh?
Emily's is the one with her original writing about April. 
Makes should be Make.
Pleasent should be Pleasant.
But...she's wonderful at composing little heartfelt quips from her heart.
She's written down a Psalm of how The Lord is God - from creation and even now.

The small wooden cross was handcrafted by a man living out in the country. He's in a wheelchair and makes these to sell. He gave Emily and Molly some several months ago.

Molly's board is usually doodied up WAY more than this. She draws, copies Bible verses, and makes her board really cute. Seems right now her focus is on getting and keeping a physical therapy exercise regimen going.
"Eater" for Easter.
So adorable!!!
I'll take a photo of her board at another time to show her true creativity.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Resurrection Rolls - Family Tradition (now)

Jumbo Marshmallows rolled in melted butter, cinnamon, and sugar
Tucked and folded into crescent roll dough
Baked in oven 
When done - marshmallow has melted into the roll
Bread serves as the cloth wrapped around the body of Jesus
All symbolic of Our Savior being prepared for burial
Resurrected on the 3rd day
Amazing Grace!!!

Em and M Making Resurrection Rolls with Nanny Carol

Maundy Thursday Reflection Service at Church

We MADE the time to attend this sacred event. I have never been to a Maundy Thursday service. Very quiet.
Thought provoking.
Beautiful way to start the Easter weekend.

Crown of Thorns on Display at Chapel Service

Diggin' in an Antique Coca Cola Drink Box

That Would Be a Bearded Dragon on Molly's Jacket

Field Trip with 4th Grade Class

About ONCE a year I go to the Mall

See how much fun they're having?
Got 2 darling tops marked down, cutsie hair accessories, Teriyaki stir fry....
Went back 2 days later to get a dress on sale with Janice's store discount - oh yeah - and white eyelet skirts. Thanks J!!!

Garden Helpers!! Tough as Nails Kinda Girls

They moved those huge pavers without my knowledge. Wanted to surprise me as they cleared ALL the grass and weeds from the pathway.
Broke 4 or 5 of 'em in the process.

When they surprised me with the 'no weeds' rock path...I almost wanted to cry...cuz the pavers were -- like I said --broken. 
As in cracked in 2, etc.

I thought to myself WWMDD??

He calms storms and raises the dead.
Some broken slate garden pavers would be easy peasy for Him to fix.

It was a WWMDD moment.
What Would Michelle Duggar Do?
(We're on Season 4 of Amazon purchased DVDs.)

I know she never yells.
I bit my lip and praised them for being such hard workers!!! Great job.

I'll go buy bags of dirt to get the aesthetically cracked and chipped pavers back into the rock  path where they are sitting 'level'. 

Or wait til Michael comes to visit.
He'll fix it all up again.
Good as new.
He's nice that way!!

Doesn't it look simply tidy?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Molly's Number Project for Math - She Chose 18.

Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Being Fitted for new Brace and Shoe

In her thrift store sweater!! Too cute.

1st Spring Tulip in Our Yard

Scrub a Dub Dub

That's Molly's bedspread on the dining room table. Emily and SIsta are scrubbing all sorts of spots off of it. They do lots of playing and holding of critters on their beds. They've got a spray mister of water, salt, liquid Gain, and old toothbrushes to work their wonders. When it was all done, it looked fabuloso!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014