Thursday, March 27, 2014

Look at Their Reactions to Science Lesson

I have the distinct privilege of teaching Emily and Molly in an enrichment program at school. They are students where I work/teach.

I've watched Emily grow up on the playground here. When she was in K, 1st, & 2nd grades....I could open the door to my portable classroom and see her on the primary-age playground running, squealing, and being a child of the world. I will always have those memories etched in my heart. What days of delight those were - to witness her assimilation into true childhood. 

Where she lived in China had metal bars on the walls, too few people to take kiddos outside to play, and as she has told me in recent years...she had no pillow or blanket. "Those were saved for the little babies." Sniff.

This is a pic if Emily and her buddy, Justin. They've been together since kindergarten - along with a group of about 10 other sweethearts. Several were in the ESL program together in the early years.

Em and Justin jockey for the top 1 and 2 grades in math - all in fun, goal setting ways. They both WORK sooo hard to do their best, and he's a hoot to be around. He reminds me of typical 5th grade boys twenty years ago. Polite. Silly. Bright. His mom will soon have a baby girl, and Justin is thrilled. He says he likes babies cuz they're "squishy." Ha.

Don't you love the expressions of wonder as they watch a chemical reaction when Mentos candies and Diet Coke get mixed together? A geyser effect.

Oh it's been an incredible experience to be on site for learning and laughter as my daughter has progressed thru the elementary years. 

Miss Molly will have been home from China 1 year ago March 29th. She, too, is making memories right here under my nose. 

I am so blessed!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

At Art Exhibit for Citizens with Disabilities

We stopped by to share the joy with some 'special friends.' Our friend Jerry painted the piece on the wall. 

Emily Exploring Super Moisture Gel Solution - Science

Molly's Graph on Display at School

Graphing Girl!!!

Sang with Kids Choir - 2 sweeties on far top left

Bad photo... But who cares

Friday, March 21, 2014

Oh Yes We Did!!

We adjusted life's schedule and went to see the older Duggar girls at a book signing event. It was SO wonderful. I am a Duggar family fan.

I bought a book for Molly and one for Emily - so they could have their own copy!! Good reading.

I told Michelle Duggar, the mom of many, "We're ordering your tv shows on DVD. The girls have never seen your show because we don't have t.v. "
Her reply, "Oh that's WONDERFUL. We don't have t.v. either."

Because their family values life and children...they seemed particularly "taken" with Emily and Molly - repeatedly saying what blessings they are. I'm sure they value adoption and all things family/faith....AND they probably oooh and aaah over ALL kids.
Not just mine.

It was really moving to meet the Duggars.
I'm glad we made the effort. 

HUGE Regional Science Fair

Emily represented her school as 1st place winner in the chemistry division.

Emily and Science Posse - Classmates Who Also Won in Their Categories at the School Level

Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Molly

God Made You Wonderful!!!

Wildflower Pickers

The Girls Picked Some Flowers for Me

That's my desk at school--cool lamp and vintage Coca-Cola advertisement

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Samm - Please Pray for His Quick and Speedy Recovery

This is our phenomenal "Cousin Samm." He and Emily were joined with their Forever Families on the same day, at the same time, in the sweltering hot Civil Affairs Office in Guangzhou, China. 
Our families became fast friends.

Today, Mr. Samm is having surgery. We are standing in prayer together for his ease and comfort as he heals rapidly. 

Would you join us? I know his mom, Sherrie, and dad, Dick, would be ever grateful.

We love, love, love our Samm Man, and we take joy in knowing that Our Heavenly Father is bringing him mightily through this process!

2008 - Samm and Emily in China

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Early Birthday Celebration for Emily

Thank you, Marlene and Donna!!

Ran Into "friends" While Out and About

At vintage this place.
Lo and behold sweet Morgan and her parents were there. They are doing adoption paper chasing as I type. Precious folks.
Emily decided to order Cake Pops as her birthday treat. You know... Little balls of cake dipped in hard shell chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate.
We're having her birthday celebration on Friday. Last year her birthday present was a trip up The Great Wall of China and a necklace from the jade factory in Beijing. Geesh. Where did that year go?!

Pied Piper of "Puddy-tats"

"Happy, Happy, Happy..."

Oh no.
For all my joking about friends living life a la Duck Dynasty...
it's finally come home to roost.

Uncle Skipper has been in town for a visit to attend the wedding shower of his friend, Carolyn.
She's 55.
Hope springs eternal.
It was one of those yuppie Saturday night get togethers.
Italian food.
In the home of a decorator.
The kind of function where I had to shave the back of his neck for him.

Well, he brought Seasons 1, 2, & 3 of - you guessed it - Duck Dynasty.
No. He didn't buy them. He's too cheap. frugal.

He checked them out of the library.

We all sat together watching the first episode.
Skipper did the silent laughter routine.
Where his eyes closed and wrinkles gathered around his nostrils.
You know the kind of laughing...where he knows these tv characters so well - namely Uncle Si - that he's gaspin' for air long before Si can deliver any punch line.
Cuz Skipper already knows them all by heart.

Molly fell asleep.
Emily sprawled out on the floor and wiggled around.
I tolerated it.
Mom said over and over, "Isn't this the one we watched already? I wanna see the one where Phil builds the Princess Playhouse. I don't wanna see any more frogs gettin' their heads chopped off."

This is my gene pool.
Heaven help me.

Much to my surprise, by the 2nd night...hmmmm.
Skipper needs a Depends.
I'm chucklin'.
Emily's cacklin'.
Molly's smilin'.
And Mom is still saying the same lines she said the night before. (Kidding mother.)

By the time evening #3 rolled around, I couldn't even sit in the dining room and pay my bills - which are DUE NOW - without getting up and going into the living room to see the antics and maneuvers Si was dishing up on the screen.

Ole Si hit the same nail on the head I've been hittin' on for years: I don't talk too fast. Folks just need to think faster. 
"Boo Yie!!"

So - my darling angel daughters have laughed their way to West Monroe, LA and back.
- Moaned over the fate of fish, frogs, and  fowl.
- Realized what collector's items our Tuperware Tumblers are.
- Accepted the fact that other males on  'planet earth' as Phil says during each blessing are an awful lot like Uncle Michael (Pork-n-Beans cooked 'Nam Style) and Uncle Skipper (Redneck Roadtrip Aromas).
- Become one with other children raised in the south who respectfully respond with "Yes ma'ams and Yessirs".

Cheap entertainment.
No, Forrest. I do NOT want to watch the captured on tape video of a deer gettin' hit and thrown in the windshield of an 18 wheeler.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

I asked a gentleman who works at a hospital if he'd come and show my students how he "makes" casts for arms and legs. He actually put 2 soft casts on two brave volunteers. Mercy me. We had to take them off before they left for the day. Didn't want their moms to pass out. You can see one kiddo on the far right holding her casted arm up in the air. Fun science!!!

Em and M Picked Some Flowers for Me

Dr. Seuss  Day is keeping in character...
Thing 1 and Thing 2 are making a cake using a super healthy recipe - literally pecans ground to meal and added to a chocolate protein powder...really!
I 've got to find the happy medium for xylitol and stevia so nothing tastes bitter.
It's all a work in progress. 
I think this cake will be fine, and hopefully the girls will like it. Making dishes with recipes is just a super learning process for kids. You know the whole "This calls for 4oz. of cream cheese, but it comes in. 8oz. packages. Hmmm. What cha'll gonna do?!"
Cleaning up... Uhm...well... It just goes with the territory. Right?