Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Night at the Theater

Yup. Took the girls to see Janice in a play about country folks. She played the mayor of a small town, directed a few songs, and made us all laugh!! She's decked out in overalls and a homemade hat. 

Before long she'll be standing in front of large crowds saying, "I 'd like to thank the Academy..."

Well done, Mayor !

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Emily and Classmates - Built Eiffel Tower Structure

.....from a kit...BUT I did not give them any verbal or written directions. 
The purpose of the activity was to work as a team - courteously - using their thinking skills and communicating effectively.
Badda boom. Badda bing.

Friday, February 21, 2014

KK's Goofy Stories. Do they EVAH End?

You know. Having family & friends who are bonafide silly makes for a fun and interesting life.
My co-worker, China travel companion, and on paper "Guardian" for my daughters, never ceases to amaze me in her recollections.
Like the time she told me about her husband, Jeffu, tossing their baby daughter, Keri, up in the air. On the way down Keri threw up all over her daddy.
Jeff got distracted by the repeat performance of Keri's breakfast as he was trying to catch her, and little Keri's tummy hit the side of the kitchen counter and nicked her just a bit.
I think she still bears the scar.
KK: "Father of the Year, huh?"

Or how she tells me stories of growing up in the country - 50 miles from nowhere.

KK said, "Gosh. Back in the day - I guess times were boring and the gas was cheap.
People would just 'ride around'.
There was this one guy, Donny, and he lo-o-o-o-ved to ride.
He had a '67 shifting Mustang.

...but in order to save the mileage on his car, sometimes he'd drive backwards.
I guess he just alternated days.
One day he'd drive forward.
The next he'd drive around backwards."

Me laughing and asking - as I peeled my boiled eggs for lunch, "Is this a TRUE story?"

KK: "Yeah. I mean, even the old ladies had a Riding Club. It was about 4 of 'em. They'd ride around town and gossip...I guess. 'Mrs. Dr.' House, Mrs. Taylor, and the other Mrs. Taylor. There were about 4 Taylor families in town, and they were all related somehow."

Me as I'm gasping for air...cracking up: "Mizzes Doctor House? Do you KNOW how funny this story is?"

KK: "Well, you grew up down here in the big city. I come from a town where there was no swimmin' pool, no tennis courts, and only 1 doctor.
Dr. House (the husband of...). He was the 1 doctor. His famous line whenever someone arrived at his office was, 'Let's see. Let's see.'
He'd give everybody a penicillan shot no matter what was wrong with them.
His office was about 1/2 the size of this 1/2 of our classroom. You could walk in the front door and practically be sittin' on the exam table.
If you had ANY sense, you wouldn't go to him."

Me: "Uhm. What would you do then?"

KK: "Well, 'Uncle' did most of the doctoring on us."

Me: "That's great, but 'Uncle' wasn't a doctor."

Speaking of boiled eggs...
One time KK's daughter and brother-in-law were boiling some eggs to eat. They accidentally forgot about them, left the house, and returned later to look in the pan. No eggs.
They both looked up.
The splattered, boiled eggs were stuck on the ceiling.

KK: "I guess that's better than the eggs or something catchin' on fire."

Me - hootin' and hollerin': "Do your stories ever end?"

KK: "Did I ever tell you about the time that my student, Henry, brought his tonsils to school?"

Me in need of a Depends cannot even answer "yes" or "no".

KK: "Yep. He brought them, and they leaked all over everybody. Brought 'em in a glass jar with water, and..."

Me....doubled over and unable to function...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Molly and classmates had to build a pyramid with 10 cups... But could not touch the cups with their hands or anything else. They could use only a rubber band with yarn tied to it.

The cups were on one table - turned in all directions...scattered. They had to build the pyramid on another table. 

Great for developing Group Skills, Communication and Thinking Skills!!! 

Dynamic Duo

Em and M Made This for Me - from Scratch

Some of the CNY Horse Dancers

Quarter Inch of Snow - but Loved It!

Emily - Dressed in Horse Dance Costume

Molly - Dressed for Chinese New Year

Homework Time

I told the girls - the other day - after they'd been busy changing their sheets, washing and folding know...on one of those git 're done days - I said, "I see y'all are playing and having fun, but I'll give y'all a ride to school on Monday if you help me change the sheets on my bed?!?!"

Their preciously polite reply as they looked up from playing, " thank you."

I AM their ride to school!

We were all just kidding because these chillins are so very helpful with family responsibilities. Amazing!