Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Playing with Polymers - Emily's Science Fair Experiment

As we're looking around in the Hallmark Store - after Christmas sale - Emily found some Snow To Go. It's a polymer/mixture - powder. When a tad of water is added to it, POOF. It literally expands immediately into a huge bundle of "snow".
Fun. Fun stuff.
Well, when Emily found it and was curious about it (ahhh...inquiry and curiosity in the child's real world), I said, "Hey. Why don't we get this nifty 75% off item and do a science investigation into how it is affected by heat and cold (temperatures)?"
We did.
She did.
It all got explored, measured, observed, timed, graphed, controlled, analyzed, written about, communicated - you name it.
Voila. Science Fair 101.
Molly is completing her Science Fair project with the group in her English as a 2nd Language class.
This is why we love Janice so!
Well, one of the 10,000 reasons why we do!

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