Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Playing with Polymers - Emily's Science Fair Experiment

As we're looking around in the Hallmark Store - after Christmas sale - Emily found some Snow To Go. It's a polymer/mixture - powder. When a tad of water is added to it, POOF. It literally expands immediately into a huge bundle of "snow".
Fun. Fun stuff.
Well, when Emily found it and was curious about it (ahhh...inquiry and curiosity in the child's real world), I said, "Hey. Why don't we get this nifty 75% off item and do a science investigation into how it is affected by heat and cold (temperatures)?"
We did.
She did.
It all got explored, measured, observed, timed, graphed, controlled, analyzed, written about, communicated - you name it.
Voila. Science Fair 101.
Molly is completing her Science Fair project with the group in her English as a 2nd Language class.
This is why we love Janice so!
Well, one of the 10,000 reasons why we do!

2014 - Year of the Horse

Aren't these paintings darling? They worked under the supervision of an art teacher...and had a famously great time.

Emily and Dumpling - Piano Time

Making Pancakes

Molly Painting

So...I'm walking down the aisle of the grocery store with my list, my mom's list.

 She seems to think it's cute to write in 6pt. font or smaller.
 For real.
 When she types little fun gift certificates for gifts (she's sweet that way), she leans heavily toward the small, teeny tiny font - which obviously appears larger - to her - on the computer.

 I love me some 14pt. font and larger.
I've gotta get out my handy dandy Walgreens 1.0 reading specs to try to make sense of Nanny Carol's - very neatly written - grocery list.
And I told her, "Quit putting adjectives in front of the necessary items. I don't need you to write 'regular' bread. Just put bread. No need to write 'red, firm' tomatoes. Tomatoes will do. Case closed."

I was power shopping.
 No time to wade through clauses and phrases that didn't really matter.
I've known my mother all my life. I truly know what she's meaning to convey. Most of the time.
 (I know. I know. She's thinking, "Forget you. I'll do my own last minute run to the store instead of letting you HELP me. YOU offered to go, and now you're just smartin' off about my grocery list."

Fair enough.

I like to rest - or set - my grocery list on something hard OR write it in my planner book. Well...considering I'm using mom's little it's been written on adding machine tape 2.5" by 3".
SO - I'd just come from the library to get the dvd The Passion of the Christ.
 No. You. Didn't.
Yes. I did.
I put the dvd on top of my purse and placed the grocery list on top.
I didn't want anyone to see which dvd I was using for alternate purposes.
Almost seemed hypocritical doing so. Oh well. We watched a lot of Jesus movies over the Christmas holidays.
Not very realistic.
Time for the real, deal look at what happened.
I won't lie. Molly wants to see it.

We kept explaining on the milder movies she's seen that it was MUCH worse than what was being depicted. (Jesus was flogged and there'd be NO blood or stripes on his back.)
She is "wise" that way. I think she could watch The Passion and appreciate it and learn from it.
I honestly think she can take it. Not Emily.

I'm not saying I recommend an 11 or 12 y/o child watch the movie.
Neither will see it - for now.
Only later - when older - when they are ready.

I don't think I CAN watch it again right now.
Michael - my brother, however, could watch it with them and give good explanations.

Michael - silly uncle to Emily and Molly - bought Devil Squares to eat with his ice cream.
The Little Debbie kind.
He told them, "Oh no. You can't have any. It doesn't say ANGEL squares. Your mom won't let you have them."
He was kidding. Later on Emily asked if he'd eaten his Evil Squares. It was a slip of the tongue - of her understanding....but same thing. I told her that she was more right than she realized.

She and Molly are laid across Nanny Carol's bed watching the 4th season episodes of The Waltons. Both brothers who were here for the holidays have said the living room tv - while they were here- was turned into the No Waltons Zone.
No more Jim Bob, John Boy, and Grandpa. I

t's time to talk about all the talent Louisiana has and how Alabama has snatched up 2 superb recruits, but there's an excellent linebaker waitin' to sign with the Tigers.
Time to talk about Ole Miss winning.
Time to talk about Alabama losing and Auburn almost winning.
Florida...more of the same.
Time to talk about the NFL coaches being fired.
I told my daughters, "THIS is why I know so much about football.
My brothers talk to me like I'm interested in what they have to say, and over the years - well - I've learned more than any girl should know about this game."

4th down and long yardage.
Whatta ya do?
Of course.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Cannot make spaces for the blog post below.
It looks soooo text DENSE.
All bunched up together.

Nothing I could do about it.
Til I talk to my techie peeps.

Posted it anyway.

We Thought It Was Chicken Pox

Actually I thought it was a little rash, bug know. The typical, "Hey. It's New Year's Eve. I'm sure you're fine. Here. Let's put some hydrogen peroxide on it and watch it bubble up all white-like." When I DID talk with the pediatric nurse and she ever so politely encouraged me to come into the back door of the clinic so as not to expose other children. Absolutely!! Emily - in her super English with some Chinglish mingled in...thereby blurring some vocabulary words....said, "Am I exposive to those other children?" She might've even said, "explosive", but I was sorta chuckling and missed the clarity of the moment. But...our pediatrician was not in, and the nurse talked to another doc. They said by the description it sounded like chicken pox. Nope. Shingles. Surprise. Surprise. Not too common in kiddos. One adoptive parent made this comment,"Well. You've likely just found out some history about Emily's past. Probably had the chicken pox because shingles come AFTER the virus has been in one's body." Interesting. Another little mis-slip in language - by Emily - was when Skipper kept taunting her with the little ditty about kissing. Ick - per Em. She said, "He keeps saying this, MOMMA, -- Emily and somebody sittin' in a tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g First comes love Then comes marriage He said then comes a baby in a stroller." Hmmmmm. Don't think that's the exact ending. Cute. But not exact. Maybe carriage? Skipper and Michael (my brothers/their mischievous uncles) were here for the holidays, and boy oh boy...the girls LOVED having them here. The guys tend the run the course of teasing them, taking them to the park to walk, catering to their every need, burping in front of them, and deliberately avoiding the King's English. Role models gone to seed. Michael - with his hot sauce on everything self - is very intuitive to Molly, how she might feel, what she might like. He's gonna make SURE there are cucumbers in the house for HER! He is the one that discovered she likes them, and he wants to be sure she feels "a part" and loved. He does a GREAT job at just that. He and Molly and Emily got on the computer one evening while Michael ("One Who is Like the Lord")pulled up a Mandarin Chinese language site and tried his hand at a little Chinese speaking. Molly would just laugh and laugh. Emily rolled her eyes. He best stick to southern U.S. lingo and burping. Skipper tells Emily she needs to rub his "piggies" a.k.a. toes/feet. He goes on teasing her that Jesus washed the disciples feet, and she needed to reach out in love to him and do the same....with a slight massaging. Her reply, "If you want your piggies rubbed, you need to become a disciple!" Molly enjoyed the holidays. Dawg gone it. She's finished Little House in the Big Woods, and as of today finished Little House on the Prairie. IN ENGLISH. She has the complete set - as does Miss Em. (Remember: If 1's good, 2's better!) BOTH sets have been gifts to the girls. Ain't too bad completing those 2 books in a matter of 5-ish weeks....along with homework, piano lessons, and physical therapy. Oh. My brothers' King's English departure has tainted my mind. I said "ain't". Did attend a funeral. Precious time of remembrance for a wonderful friend's father - who was a husband, brother, community member, world impacter who left us too soon. But at the funeral...well... I'd been eating such a strange combination of foods over the holidays that as I sat in the quiet church before the service stomach started making noises. It sounded like a kitten meowing or something similar. The older gentleman sitting in front of me turned around to sorta look past my direction. I just sat there like a knot on a log with the posture of, "I didn't hear anything." I told friends, later, that I should've turned around and looked, too. You know. Giving the impression I wondered WHERE that sound was coming from also. Our days are wonderful. We have reasons to thank the Lord for His provisions of healing and wholeness. "Bless the Lord, O my soul, O my soul. Worship His Holy name. Sing like never before - O my soul. Worship His Holy name."