Friday, February 22, 2013

Correction: March 13th We're Outta Here...plans just changed!!

Distractions Galore...

Constant contact between adoption agency, travel agent, and me is taking place....phew.
Once I got the FINAL word yesterday, the dominoes that have been stacked neatly for several months were ever so slightly tapped...and down they all started going.

This way.
That way.
Airline tickets.
One price.
Flight approvals.
Overnight in Beijing?
Arriving near midnight?
Not getting flight approvals.
Re-doing flights again.
Different price.
Not arriving near midnight?
No overnight in Beijing.
Back to U.S. earlier in the day.

Los Angeles?
Hong Kong?
Beijing AGAIN?
All finalized.
THOUGHT it was all finalized...
Travel agent just called back and said, "You DO realize you're now leaving on Wed., March 13th?"
My reply, "No....but I'd a figured it out eventually!!"

Yep. A little distracted....but it's all working out just famously.
Thanks for all the well wishes for plans currently underway.

We're coming Molly Guo Yang!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

March 14th - We're Outta Here!

I do believe I'm a late bloomer.
Seems GREAT and wonderful things happen for me.............

So - at the end of the day I rec'd news. I have been approved for a Consulate Appointment on March 27th at 8:30 a.m.
In Guangzhou.
A l-o-o-o-o-n-g way from home.


Oh my. The real-ness of it all.
The adventure ahead.
The plans to make.
The flights to book.
The orphanage to contact.
The hotel rooms to reserve.
The tours to arrange.
The bags to pack.

The lives to change.

I know all those ideas are incomplete thoughts - thus requiring no periods at the end.
But it seems to make the statement more 'intact' and specific.

It's exciting to be a part of a plan that wraps itself in The Father's love and extends all the way around the world.
What more could I say?

Details and itinerary coming soon.
Whoo Hoo!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


and the clock is tickin'.

I've submitted to leave the U.S. on March 14th - with a consulate appointment about 10 days later.

I got the approval the DAY Chinese New Year closed the country down. LOL.
My agency called me about 4:30 that afternoon.

SO - I will not know if the March 14th departure date will work until the PRC opens again for business.
I should know 100% next week.


That Would Be TWO Beds in the Room

Thank you, Target, for continuing to carry a form of bed comforter that actually MATCHES what Emily had all along in her bedroom (soon-to-be THEIR bedroom). See the cutesy flowers on the bed, curtains, lamp? We already had those accessories from 2008 when Emily came home.
Yep. It was as easy transition to make room for Miss Molly.
A darling couple from church gave us an antique bed that was dawg gone similar to the one Emily is sleeping in -- MY childhood bed.
Well, the new bed for Molly WAS Gwen's bed, and she and hubbie, Don, gave it to us.
Soooo sweet.
Target just happened to have another version of bed comforters that matched up exactly with what we had.
I said, "I'll take two of those little gingham, polka dot, happy-go-lucky comforters!!"
That and lots of cleaning out, making room for, expanding to the closet in the guest room.

I have been on organizational over-drive for the past several months.
Weird stuff - like cleaning the microwave on Christmas morning?!
Why THAT morning?
Why not another morning?
When I'm not so busy....?

I've somewhat acted with the 'now or never' mentality - and aimed to just git er done.
A lot has been accomplished.
It's been good.
I guess it's a form of nesting - preparing, getting ready.

Then again - are you EVAH truly ready?
In the World According to Vicki - we give it our best shot.
Case closed.

At Chinese New Year

Emily is with another little girl. Her father is a Chinese Pastor here in the U.S.
Precious family!!

Peacock Dancers - Yes. They're wearing eye liner. Gasp.

Chun Chun's Family and Emily

Alex, a.k.a. Chun Chun, is sitting on his mom's lap - upper left in photo. Our families "met up" together in China - thus beginning a lasting friendship.

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Chinese New Year - Happy Year of the Snake

It's Official.
China is closed for business.

It's time for Chinese New Year & Spring Festival Celebrations.
The UN-believable migration of folks within the country is 
You can read all about it at the link below.

Web Users Gripe as Chinese Infrastructure Groans Under Lunar New Year Travel Load
(You may have to copy & paste it into the address line at the top.)

I did receive 2 emails from my agency today. One said, "China is closed until Feb. 18th."
The other said this:

Happy Friday! :)
As of February 4, 2013, your Article 5 has been delivered to the CCCWA. Once your Article 5 has been delivered, it's another several weeks for the CCCWA to approve and issue your Travel Approval. Travel Approvals are shipped from the CCCWA directly to our office. Once I receive your Travel Approval, I will contact you that same day!
So...we spend this evening at a Cultural School/CNY (Chinese New Year) dress rehearsal for a BIG shin-dig being held tomorrow, Saturday. Emily, and other little Asian darlings, will perform - The Peacock Dance. I'll just have to take pictures to share later.
We have to be sure and eat something green (prosperity) and eat noodles (l-o-n-g life). Sure hope there's something symbolic for chocolate. Hmpf!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pillowcases for The Girls....Made by KK

Em and Daisey

This little puppy belongs to a big time Supreme Court Judge...for this area.
What...? Maybe a Circuit Court of Appeals-guy? Not sure.
Our families go waaaaay back in our church history - playing together, singing together in choirs, brothers being Boy Scouts together.

I do know that he and his sweet wife would haul WONDERFUL garage sale items to my house, several times - late at night  - after long days of working, and deliver their goods so they could be sold and used to raise money for Emily's & Molly's plane tickets. (Thanks again to all who helped with that Garage Sale!!)

Judge and Wifey were not actin' Mr. & Mrs. Big Shot.
They were humbly and willingly contributing to the cause of this adoption, and we are soooo appreciative for the love-in-action they have displayed toward our family.

As Emily is playing with their NEW puppy (at Marlene and Donna's house - petsitting), I'm telling Em, "Don't squeeze the wee one too tight. Don't want cha to hurt her. I ain't in the mood for any litigating with the judge."
(...even tho it's the attorneys who litigate - I know. I used to watch LA Law.)

We had a blast running Miss Daisey all around so she'd sleep well that night.
Too much fun!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Vimeo (video) - Food for Thought

If you get a spare second, Google this:

Hope is Fading
Allan Rosenow

You'll find it at

It's narrated by a little girl who was adopted in 2002.

The video clip has interjections with a website showing up....just bear with those...and keep watching, listening, and thinking.

...or crying like a baby if you're ANYthing like me.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Emily, Anna Katherine, and Rivers

Map of Where I'm Headed

My Article 5 has arrived.
Whoo Hoo.
What next?
I'm good at waiting.
Wait to hear about Consulate Appointment date...then back up for travel preparations.

As of now, I'm to fly into Beijing.
Have you heard of the smog alert in that area?
Smog Level 300 is bad. Really bad.
Smog Level 500 is - know
It was at a mere 755 this week.
Not sure how I feel about huffin' and puffin' up the Great Wall in those conditions.

...and I'm not so sure a standard face mask is what will be required to combat the gunk.

I emailed my agency to ask them if there will be a Plan B, C, and/or D in place if these "pre-apocolyptic" (Yes - that's how it's been described. I'm not being a drama queen.) conditions persist.

They said they'd get back with me.

If you look west of Beijing, above Baotou, you'll see Hohhot. That's where I'll meet Molly.
She lives in Xilinhot.
It's on this map - next to Changchun.
That would be Russia on the other side of the green wavy line.
Yes ma'am.

My 3rd stop within the country, Guangzhou, is not shown above.
Geography 101.

Thinking of Sweet Samm

This is our precious friend, Samm, in a photo from 2008. He and Emily are exploring the super cool sites in Guangzhou - a mere few days after being joined with their Forever Families. Samm just sorta went compliantly to his new mom and dad, Sherrie and Dick.

Emily, on the other hand, screamed and cried to the point that she woke the dead and had e-v-e-r-y head and set of eyeballs in this foreign county GLARING at me with utmost curiosity. Had I not had an entourage with Chinese citizens mixed in the bunch, who knows what folks might've done to me.
At the very least I feel sure someone would have tried to rescue her from my grip as I carried her.

My sunglasses couldn't have been dark enough to hide behind.

Emily and I have talked of that day and the ones that followed - with repeats of Day 1.
I told her that she did nothing wrong. I totally understood and did not take ANY of it personally. (It wasn't fun, but it was to be expected by many kiddos who were undergoing this type of trauma. Yes. Trauma.)

She told me once, a year or so ago -- in her broken English...that she was still speaking at that time -- when she referenced w-h-y she cried so hard and long......her comment was,
"I think I not know you - not know who you are."

As that old 1950's song goes, "...You would cry, too, if it happened to you."
It was a not "bad" - in our situation - for her to cry and scream.
She had loved, been loved, and was being removed from that security.
I was the reason for all her present grief - thus the tears.
But as the ole adage goes, we "lived happily ever after!"

Sweet little Samm.
Ah. He was another story.
He was also younger, but still his world was changing right before his eyes.
Such a sweetheart and a comfort to Emily while in China.
As his parents were for me.

Samm has undergone surgery. He's been a trooper - but now it's time for recovery and healing.
We covet your prayers as Mr. Samm continues to heal and progress.
We love ya, Samm!!

Yup. It Snowed Down South.

Snow Angel Indeed!