Monday, December 30, 2013

Meeting 2 New Friends from China....Having Get Together Time

Finishing Up a Blanket that Marlene Helped them "FRAY"

Keeping those little brains and hands busy and productive....learning and loving time with Marlene

Girls with Children's Illustrator/Author

Hanging Out at Bookstore Making Christmas Decorations

Girl's in Action - Missions Class

Molly is 2nd from the left and Emily is 3rd
The girls were recognized for participation in the class...learning about missions, supporting mission projects, and learning what the Bible teaches us about our place and responsibility in missions - locally and around the world. It's been a great learning experience for both girls.

At Christmas Musical

My Girls with Missionaries to Africa....

Isn't this an adorable photo?
The 2 older girls in the picture are missionaries to....hmmmm....not Uganda.
Ummmm....I'll have to think about it.

We always like to start the holiday season off with an emphasis on missions because Nanny Carol's church hosts an annual Missions Conference.
Perfect timing.
Priorities set.

The 2 missionaries....YES. They're bonafide, tried and true, trained missionaries....are precious examples of how the Lord has moved their hearts to serve orphans in another country.

They're such cutie patooties, and Emily and Molly loved visiting with them and listening to their testimonies.

Merry Merry and Happy Happy!

Might as well combine the two holidays considering we missed posting about Christmas in a timely fashion.

It was a lovely time of celebration.
Mercy me. I have to look at the photographs I took on the ole iPhone to actually remember WHAT we've been up to.
The way I like it.

Lemme See...We've been practicing the Horse Dance - for Chinese New Year....the Year of the Horse. Fun. After that little cultural school event we went to see a children's author/illustrator who was at a southern bookstore. Gotta track down those learning experiences, right? In the picture below you can see sweet Jenna, Miss Molly, and Ever Adventurous Emily - at the book signing.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gingerbread Emily

Molly said - with a HUGE grin - that she "likes" decorating a Christmas tree.
Bless her heart.
She put one of HER ornaments - just rec'd at a Cookie Swap - but she put the ornament on the tree WITH the store tag still on it. I had to go back with scissors and - yes - TRIM the tree ornament.
She's really enjoying the season - the music, lights, snacks, gatherings...It's her very first Christmas in a family, and we're thrilled that she's here to join us.
Finally home.

December....Here We Are! Decorating Her First Gingerbread House EVAH!