Saturday, November 16, 2013

Photo Update

Emily in Her Enrichment Class
Both Girls at a Local Produce Stand

 Produce Stand and Girls with Shiyan

 Painting at Physical Therapy Clinic and Emily and Molly with Magnolias (which was one of Molly's Spelling Words that Week)
 The FAMOUS Bird Mentioned in Blog Post Below
Bless His Heart.....BAMMED into Glass Door at Store

 Cornucopia - Horn of Plenty - with Little Bird About to be Set Free
Check Out the Fall Foliage Where We Released the Sweet Fella-Bird

 Birthday Card Made for Sweet Laura
I Love the Saying on the Right....Sniff.

One of Molly's Enrichment Creations

Nuts with Nuts: My Definition of Fun
We bought 5 different kinds of nuts for each of the girls and turned them loose to explore, compare, contrast, and then finally CRACK and eat them.
I know. I know.

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