Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It Was a 2 Bird Week

And I don't mean the Social Media term.

We had encounters with two fine feathered friends a while back.
On Monday I had the front door wide open - you know - letting in the marvelous November breeze -
All the while providing what I consider a gorgeous view of the grass, blue sky, and trees.
I call it "Mental Income."

Well, as said door was flung open, one precious little bird decided to fly into our 1475 sq. ft. home.
He (or She) lighted on the ceiling fan.
I was like, "Gasp. Oh my. Girls. Come see."

It was so much fun watching the little angel fly about the front room from one dusty corner to another.
The girls were squealing, and I - being the bird-experience-person that I am - told them to go close all the doors to bedrooms and bathrooms. IF Tweety decided to explore the house, at least he would not have to be coerced from each and every room.

I took a broom and gently followed the bird around the room, back to the ceiling fan several times, and actually had the presence of mind to stop and take picture before he flew out the door and back into the great beyond.

THEN on Saturday as we were at a store paying our bill, we all heard a "thump" at the glass door.
Emily and Molly both s-a-w a bird fly into the glass.
THIS sweet little bird went straight down to the pavement and didn't fidget a feather.
We opened the store door, and I scooped the stunned (hurt seriously?) bird into my hand and nestled it there gently.

The girls were amazed to be this close to a wild bird.
We sweet talked it a while, all ran our fingers over his feathers, stared in disbelief.
We loaded it into the car with us. Didn't want to leave it anywhere if it was injured - to be gotten by a cat, kid, or car.

Just so happens we had a cornucopia/horn of plenty with us.
I know.
WHO on earth carries one of these around in the car?
It was our vocabulary word for the day. Really.
We had read a Thanksgiving poem that morning about the Horn of Plenty, and I showed Molly and Emily the small basket style one that has been in our family since I was a little girl.
We were looking to place corn, apples, grapes, nuts, and small pumpkins inside the cornucopia BECAUSE that is what the poem mentioned.

Like I've said a million times before - in our lives, EVERYthing is a learning experience.

Back to the bird.
We had the presence of mind to place the bird on a towel and cover it with the cornucopia IN CASE it revived while we were driving in the car.
Sure enough.
Badda Boom. Badda bing.
Lazurus done come alive - and he was fluttering wildly under the horn of plenty.

We pulled off the beaten path to a lovely country area, got out with the bird - still covered up - snapped a photo, and set the captive free.
Such fun.

No other big news except something I forgot to mention about the new kittens.
Dumpling (named by Molly) has 4 legs but only 3 feet.
She's a special needs kitty.
So precious. Sorta hops along, making do.
The girls are enjoying the fur babies lots and lots.
Again - learning experiences abound.

KK was telling me a story at school the other day about a lady who lives in her neighborhood that's been bringing candy for KK's girls each fall for about 20-ish years. They're just "driveway-kinda-neighbors" - the kind that chat outside when they see each other every few seasons or so.
The lady continued the tradition this year and brought 2 containers of candy -as KK says..."the good kind"... and somehow the subject came up about KK's girls and where they are, what they are doing.
The lady found out that KK has 3 girls, not 2. That's why she always only brought 2 containers of candy for nearly 20 years.
I asked KK, "Did you ever think to mention that you had another child under your roof?"

KK - "I just assumed the stash was to be shared by all 3 girls."
Me - "What did she say when she found out?"
KK - "Oh. She's really sweet. She was fine with it all and said she'd bring 3 containers next fall. I didn't have the heart to tell her we're moving in 3 weeks."
Me - "Goodness gracious, girl."
KK - "Yep. She's been a wonderful neighbor through the years. Only thing is - the veins on her legs stick out 5 times more than mine."
Me - "Oh brother."

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