Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nuthin' Like NOT Posting in a While

No can get to computer.
Oh well.
It is what it is.

This causes other folks to shiver - in the fact that I actually do not have access to posting with Blogger on just any ole computer. I'll have to get my friend's techie hubbie to help out along the way.
Mercy me. He's already come to my house 2x to install safety locks on my kitchen cabinets.


It's Chase.
The rescue dog.
He's enjoyed chewing on Molly's lunch box in the bottom cabinet - THUS - the new one purchased.
Dawg gone it. Money spent.
He's pert near done a few numbers on my Tupperware.
Pray he does NOT access any of my vintage Tupperware stuff or he's gonna get a good talkin' to.

Ah. End of October.
I'm still thinking it's early August.
I don't wanna hear about how time moves faster the OLD-er you get. Even Emily has stated that it seemed often like it should've been several months earlier than it is/was.
Not sure what sense Miss Molly is making of the progression of time. She did ask me the other day what Thanksgiving is all about. We're fully decorated at the crib - Pilgrims and all.
We'll start reading about the holiday of appreciation and the historical characters responsible for it.
Squanto and friends.
We were all talking about some topic in the car the other day, and Molly's questions was, "What's gasoline?"
I did the whole visual charades of how I go to the gas pump, pay money, take the gas hose and put stinky stuff in the car.
She got it.

I tend to place big emphasis on Autumn...starting Oct. 1st...with ponderings and "ahhhhh moments" about the lovely trees, leaves, colors, mist rising from a nearby pond, wild turkeys being spotted in a field near some woods, and gorgeous sunrises and beautiful blue skies.

Molly said she wrote about Autumn leaves - today - in a journal in her Language Arts class.
That's my girl.
Emily has often reiterated of how I wax longingly about the captured beauty of this season.
That's my girl.

On to goofier topics.
My buddy KK - who traveled with me to China to meet Molly - was telling me about the shenanigans at HER house.
She said that a few weeks ago the doorbell rang. Kourtney - KK's daughter who traveled with us to China, too, and super helper of the world - well, she answered the door.
She then went to tell her mom that the UPS man was at the door.
Well, KK gets to the door and it is NOT the UPS man.
It was a Jehovah Witness in a brown coat.
And it wasn't even a guy.
It was a woman.
I told KK, "It must've been really dark outside."

I love me some Kourtney.
Once she has a fender bender at a.....exit.....on a city street.
Maybe it was more of an exiting yield or some oxymoron-type term that is simply not coming to me right now.
Anyhoo, KoKo sorta rear ended a lady.
The lady got out of the car and said, "What were you thinking?!"
In her dry, soft spoken voice KoKo replied, "I was t-h-i-n-k-i-n-g you were not gonna stop."
So there!
Love me some Kourtney.
Did I say I love me some Kourtney?
I love me some Kourtney.

We have 2 new little rescue kittens at our house. PRESH!!!
The girls have been wanting a kitten/some kittens/girl kittens.
I've always - just about - had a cat in my home...until last year when King Puddin' went to heaven.
The girls are learning MAJOR responsibility - feeding, cleaning, supervising, loving, assisting, wrangling, smelling, holding, locating - you name it.
We ALL pitch in with great attitudes of love and compassion.
I do NOT give it the, "WELL...YOU ASKED FOR THIS...."
No. I just explain to them how little babies are lots of work - and tiny wonders - and they will continue to fall in love with the wee ones each and every day they care for them.
Hopefully this will transfer to their understanding of what mothers do/feel/provide for children.

We are all doing well.

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