Friday, September 27, 2013

"Hand Me My Lip Gloss and My License"

No. The blue lights were not flashing in my rear view mirror.
Friendly reminder: I've never had a ticket in my life. I'm weird at rule following.
It's the teacher in me.

This quote is what LSU friend, and goofball extraordinaire -Lisa-was saying about HER longtime buddy. It's the standard line when that friend gets pulled over for speeding....
Which seems to be a trend in this girl's life.
Well...that and throwing her wig at the t.v. set when Auburn fumbles the football.

Lisa's buddy has done some rounds of chemo in her life but is like the Energizer bunny.
Keeps going.
While we were watching the LSU game last Saturday night, Lisa sent a text to her friend asking her if she was at a party watching the War Eagle game with or without the wig.
Friend replied, "I'm the request of the hostess. She didn't wanna take a chance!"

Lisa is a hoot.
You ought to hear her stories about having babies. She had  a tough time with #1's birthing, sweet April-girl.
And I quote, "I couldn't deliver an English pea!!" Southern twang not included, of course.
So she says having #2 was a breeze.
Her interpretation of a C-section, "Heck...I just made an appointment and went to the hospital to get Cal."

She's got an alligator head on her mantle.
Duck Dynasty gone to seed!!

Lisa adores my mama and is soooo sweet to my girls and makes them laugh.
She cracks me up, too.

She signs all her emails, "Be Awesome. Love Jesus."

A few weeks ago I told her hubbie, "My brother Skipper is comin' to town to join us at our LSU gala event. He's so purple and gold...he'll make you look like an Alabama fan."

Big Al, the husband, got real close to my face and said (in his thick Cajun accent), "Hey gul. Don't choo use dat kinda lang-gwudge in dis house a God!"

It's a joy to spend a few Saturday nights during SEC football season with her family...and a couple of other football nuts. All love the Lord...and Allan's chicken and sausage gumbo.
You better know how to pray if you follow our teams!

A merry heart does good like a medicine!!
I think all of the hearts in our home are merrier. It's refreshing. Lots of humor is being expressed, personalities are beginning to shine through, and I do believe we're on the outbound train of "Pretend Family of Three."
You know...where we've all "played a part/acted in certain roles" as we've gone through the process of adjustment to our current lives.
We haven't arrived at our final destination of Welcome to Your New Lives - Vicki, Emily, & Molly - but the ride is much smoother these days.
Between faith, family, and friends - we're sure to get there.

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