Thursday, August 29, 2013

Check Out the 100 on Molly's Spelling Test

Go figure. Another student checked the paper, marked her wrong on 'encouraged', and the teacher went back and marked it correct.
Molly had even said, "I no no what was wrong."
One thing I can certainly tell with her educational setting in China - NOT indicative of all educational settings for children who live in orphanages - SHE HAD TO STUDY.
You know. Sit and learn information.
Boy, that is severely lacking amongst many kiddos today - the discipline to sit down and make sense of words, text, etc.
We are soo very fortunate that Molly's schooling in China most certainly benefited her future her in America.
Now...understand this: She has NO IDEA what these words mean. I'm still enlightening her to terms such as toilet and sink. Ain't no way she grasps the concepts 'especially & cautiously'; however, she does what she can in the regular classroom, goes to a little tutoring session one-on-one, participates in an ESL class, is immersed all day long in English, and has a teacher for a mother.
Everyday counts.
She's working hard.
Emily is working hard.
We are moving through adjustments - helping, learning, crying some, recovering faster from little times of 'understanding', praying, trusting, laughing....
Will write more later.
Just 2 busy with 2 little girls 2 write much now.
Blessings to all.

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