Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Molly Being Fitted for Orthotic Shoe

The long and the short of our "current and future plan" is:
1. We were advised locally - by a wonderful, cracker jack pediatric orthopedic surgeon - to pursue limb lengthening procedure for Molly's leg.
I said waaaaay before we ever consulted him that I did not see HOW her leg could sustain this procedure. I also commented to an orthodpedic doc - with whom I consulted in May - how wonderful it would be IF orthotics alone could remedy the situation at hand. I chalked it off to "wishful thinking" and even wondered if I was being selfish - looking for an easy out. The ped ortho doctor here is phenomenal at his job. No doubt. I just had concerns. I had a 2nd opinion scheduled at renowned Shriner's Hospital in Houston, TX. That medical center is top notch for ped ortho issues as well as cleft lip/palate corrections.
At one point I even put the airline tickets on hold. I was just going to go with the limb lengthing procedure. (I am a member of a Yahoo Group - Adopted Children with Limb Differences. I get ALL the perspectives from parents around the country.)

2. We flew to Shriner's Hospital in Houston. Spent a wonderful time with Cindy, Hubbie, and new friends - Amy and Millie....their family and other kind souls. Amy and Millie hosted a little dinner for the girls. I'm tellin' ya...we were sooooo honored!!

3. We had the privilege of consulting with the Chief of Staff of Shriner's - a doctor who seemed to be about 65-ish years old. Been there. Done that. For years and years. With kids. Of all kinds. With all types of issues.
He said that the surgeries Molly rec'd in China were actually done quite well.
He felt that the limb lengthening procedure would be "opening a landmine of potential problems" for Molly's leg/foot because of the extensive-ness of her leg/foot challenges.
His recommendation: orthotics.
Later...possibly limb shortening of the other thigh - the stronger/non-affected one. It's somewhat debated by John Q. Public, but on the Yahoo Group it's talked about openly, freely, etc.

4. Molly was fitted/casted for orthotic shoes.

5. I cancelled her limb lengthening surgery.

6. I continue to pray and seek the Lord's wisdom about the steps to take. I am at peace.

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