Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lotsa Little Eyes at the House Now

Mercy me. I do believe we've been to about 7 doctor appts. in the last week; however, it's all good. These are just maintenance appointments - eyes, physical therapy/chiropractor, teeth, and my yearly check ups. Oh.The.Joy.

Both girls not only have glasses....but both have braces, too. The pic above was taken before Thursday's orthodontist session - 3 hours. I took a pillow, little quilt, and did my best relaxin' on the couch at the orthodontist's office.

The glasses - for the girls - are only needed for distance, not everyday kinda specs.

Looks to be a busy week again this week. We head back to Shriner's to do the final fitting for Molly's prosthetic shoe/shoes. We fly out Wed. morning EARLY (yawn) and arrive home late Thursday night.

The Nanny Carol Taxi service will drop us off/pick us up - once again. Thanks, Mom.

Also - Sweet Samm (our "China Cousin") has had surgery for mouth and nose. Please pray and agree with us that he heals perfectly and completely and that all goes according to the doctor's plan. We love our guy, Samm, and his mom and dad...even tho' they do live in Kansas....The Land of Dirt! Gotta get them down south for some trees, shade, and unbearable humidity!

Gotta run. Church is about to begin.
Blessings to all!

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