Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life Gets in the Way of Typing...

Ah. July.
Here we are.
1 post in June.
As the Post is titled: Life Gets in the Way of Typing.

The girls and I have been happy and healthy.
As Donna's mother used to say -- with her Auda-isms & mis-slips of speech -- nobody's had a "science infection". (a.k.a. sinus infection)
Wait. I think it was Donna's aunt that would say this.
Auda, D's mom, once said, "Oh girls. I've got something new called Surely It's Not Butter. You've gotta try it."
Uhm. She meant I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.
Or she'd say "towel papers" for paper towels and called knee highs "knee hose".
We love us some Auda!!

I've got 2 little girls around MY house that are pretty good at these little mis-slips, too.
Emily says she goes to a "plublic school".
Molly will shyly say, "I lack that." Meaning: I LIKE that.
CanNOT blame her. She's come late to this table of King's English.
She's reading her little Pre-K primer books with stories a la Rachel, Miriam, and Peter, and Andrew.
These are books written by, I think, some Amish type folks. Emily went thru the series.
Same song. Second verse for Molly.
She's also reading a little Bible for kids - English, but she reads the Real Meal Deal Bible in Mandarin Chinese.
Big girl stuff there!
We all re-visited Psalm 23 and memorized it.
When Molly quoted it, Emily said, "Mom. That's not fair. Molly might be saying ANYthing in Chinese and you just don't know it."
Ah. Siblings.

We all finished English as 2nd Language Summer School in June. I taught the 1st graders, Molly was in the older kids' group, and Emily (who tested out of ESL a year ago) chimed in to have fun, play games, and read-read-read! It was a great time for all, and I actually got paid for it. Amazing.
Well, friends like Janice write the grants to provide these learning opportunities for kids from other countries who attend our public schools in the area. I have the distinct honor of just being a small part.

In summer school the girls:
- visited the local Farmer's Market
- toured and played in the Children's Museum
- scoured local bookstore and earned a free book for reading
- made healthy snacks with pretzels, nuts, and peanut butter
- played UNO
- completed little art projects
- and socialized in a caring, educational setting

We've been out and about during the other hours of the days. Our agenda has included:
- visiting an older lady friend out in the country and picking blueberries
- swimming
- playing in the park with other little girls from China (I'm all about some sun, shade, and vitamin D!)
- working on small amounts of math, language, reading, and cursive handwriting
- making Chinese dumplings with another adoptive family, playing Twister & Cat in the Hat challenge game
- attending patriotic musical at church and eating homemade ice cream with Marlene & Nanny Carol
- going to the chiropractor 3x/week for Molly's adjustments - to help hip/spine
- going to BIG doctor's appt. - to schedule surgery for leg lengthening procedure in September (more on that later)
- heading to Houston this weekend to Shriner's for 2nd opinion -- visiting with Cindy & having fun
- going to a festival in another southern town (People around here celebrate any fruit or vegetable that might happen grow this time of year.)
- girls watching Black Beauty, newer version of Pollyanna, The Secret Garden, Hachi: A Dog's Tale, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Stuart Little, A Little Princess, Little House on the Prairie: The Lord is My Shepherd (Notice the last 3 have "little" in the title....hmmmm. Strange.)
- me....napping every single afternoon! Amen.

As Bo and Hope and MacDonald Carey (on t.v.) have said for years, "These Are the Days of Our Lives".

The girls are doing well. They're still adjusting to one another, to me, to our little family.
There have been tears. Smiles. Notes written. Prayers. Talks. More talks.
Life is for learning and loving - first at home.
I'm learning, too.

I believe we're moving thru the phases of post-adoption scenarios....and right's becoming a place of better understanding.
Adoption of older children is unique.
Adoption of any child is unique.
Parenting a biological child is unique.
We're not to be set up on a pedestal as doing something wonderful.
It's a blessing to be called into the process. A blessing to travel the world over to bring sweet treasures home to their forever families.
Some people would rather arm wrestle King Kong than adopt an older child.
At times...I totally understand that.
But see, I figure IF I arm wrestled King Kong, I'd win.

A precious mom, Rene, sent me the link to this blog recently, AND Janice had just told me about this blog.
Jen Hatmaker.
She's hilarious at times - a shall I say this....well, she 'speaks her mind' at other times. Realistic. A pastor's wife. Mom to 3 bio's and 2 kids from Ethiopia. A published writer. Been on the Today Show.
Anyhoo...I'll put her blog link on here.
Rene wanted me to share with me about Jen's 1 year adoption/post placement visit - with the Social Worker.
Her story is not my story, but I can relate to many things she says on several different levels.

Happy 4th of July to All!

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