Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ice Cream at Mickey Dee's (a.k.a. McDonald's)

A few Saturdays ago I had the FUN honor of "taking on" 6 kiddos for 1/2 day of fun and frivolity. Robin and Forrest - who are ever faithful friends - helped me get the computer at mom's house fixed up. She loves watching her teaching sessions on the computer while she exercises. (Joel Osteen, 700 Club) I use that computer too whenever necessary. SO Robin and Forrest did us a HUGE favor. Forrest is an IT guy to the 10th degree (meaning...he's a cowboy at technology), and his darling wife is Mrs. Worker Bee, All Round Super Mom - homeschooling, cooking, running that household!! Just love this family.
Anyhoo...I insisted that they take a Date Day away from their little Asian Tribe. Nanny Carol went at 11:00-ish and started the Date Day, and I followed behind her by about 1 1/2 hours to pick up from that point on. I was at a Reading Conference and arrived later to man-the-post with Robin's 4 kids and my 2. Mom is always sooooo wonderful to help out in any way she can.
It was a great day of playing, eating, playing at the park, heading out for ice cream....but little Shaun and I did manage to get our naps in for the day. LOL.
It was a great time!

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