Friday, May 31, 2013

Petted Miniature Donkey and Tiny Shetland Pony - Out in the Country

They've also:
-gone swimming (Molly's 1st time)
-ridden a 4 wheeler with an adult driving
-played on a small inflatable water slide
-seen miniature donkey and tiny pony
-played putt-putt golf
-eaten homemade fried rice that I cooked
-had friends over for Sunday dinner
-nestled with 2 of our dogs in the bed all night
-gone with me to work with mentally challenged young adults
-sung in the kids' choir yearly performance

1 comment:

Cille said...

Sounds like a cool way to spend the summer!! They can come over and swim here sometimes in the WM pool. Just let me know a good day and we will do it!