Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Baby is a Picker and a Grin-er!

Ok. So the photo is not the best...those bright stage lights and my camera just don't always seem to mesh.
No worries.
Miss Emily had her end of the year school/district-wide strings concert.
It was not Tchaikovsky's Concerto. She's not there yet.
Nope. She serenaded us with these songs: Boil Them Cabbage, It's the Blues...Man, and Old McDonald.
(I'm laughing my head off at these funny songs.)

I told her that whatever she played, however, she played...just to glorify the Lord.
I even referenced the Bible scripture that teaches us to do just that in EVERYthing we do.
"When you do your homework, when you do your classwork at school, as you help your sister, or even as you're taking a bath."
She responded, "HOW do I glorify the Lord when I'm taking a bath?"
I said, "Honey...you just swish around and thank the Lord for the nice warm water, in a nice semi-clean tub, and a healthy body to bathe, and sweet smellin' soap to use..."

I picked at her (pun intended - That's for you, Koko!) and told her to boil that cabbage to the glory of God.
Hee. Hee.

So, Nanny Carol, Molly, and I were captive audiences for Miss Emily's performance that evening.

Em's group was dead last to perform, and needless to say s-o-m-e families left after their child's performance.
Mom and I looked at a few of them close by and jokingly told them, "Aw. Naw. You can't leave. You've gotta stay and hear MY baby perform. I sat and listened to YOUR baby. Now you've gotta listen to mine." We were all laughing!! Kidding around.

One mom said her daughter is still a novice, too, at the violin. She said her daughter would be playing a tune in the house (a.k.a. screeching type sounds - somewhat indiscernible) and come up to her and ask, "Mom...do you know THIS song?"
Mom's strategic reply, "I do, but I forgot the name of that song. Refresh my memory."

Good save!!

It was a stellar evening!

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