Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Makin' Her Way Through Heidi - in Chinese!

It must be like cool water on a hot day for Miss Molly to read "her level" book in her native language. I sit and listen attentively as she reads aloud to me or to Nanny Carol. She sits erect and proud and just whizzes through the Chinese characters in print.
She and Emily watched the movie Heidi - VHS tape - last week.
I tell ya.
I thought it'd be good for Molly to make text connections with some English and hopefully enjoy the story visually. She did like it. She got excited -- antsy -- at the parts of the plot where any normal little girl would feel those emotions. So glad she is enjoying the story.

Pollyanna and The Little Princess will be arriving soon - in Chinese. These are some BIG ole honkin books - I reckon unabridged versions.
I've ordered the English companions for Emily. She wants to read these thick chapter books, too, just like her sister.
Ah....don't cha just love a good influence!

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