Friday, April 26, 2013

Since I'm one of those weird-old-fashioned moms who believes a child's first and most important teacher is his/her parent --

 OK...parents (with an "s") for married folks.

When Molly went to doctor's appt. #3 of 4 this week, the clerk was getting all the info and asked for my maiden name.
I said, "Oh. Gee thanks. Hurt my feelings...why don't cha! I don't HAVE a maiden name." (all in jest)

Let me FINISH that first sentence about believing that parents are the most important teacher in a child's life...I assigned Miss Molly some Mosaic Puzzles to work on (see above pic - patterns included in a booklet). Emily is really good at these, and it appears Miss M is following in sister's footsteps.

All that to say, the dear child NEEDS to accomplish hands-on/tactile/visual-type/artistic activities since she's surrounded by her deficit in the English language. I want her to 'feel good' about what she can do well. She's done a bead project-wall hanging this week and is currently working on cross stitching her name in Chinese. All thanks to KK - travel buddy and hands-on teacher extraordinaire!!

I have Miss Molly read to me in Chinese - a book that a dear Chinese soul loaned her. It's an upper grade level book per another Chinese person we know. I figured that to be true cuz there are no pictures in it.

I sit and listen to Emily read her nightly story, and when finished...I go to the couch and have Molly 'let-er-rip' in Chinese. I can tell she really enjoys this...enjoys shining while reading to me...her audience - as all kiddos should. She's still so very basic in English (learning sounds of English, listening to the blends of how our letters go together). How challenging that must be. We've BTDT with Emily, but Molly is a strong reader in Chinese. That lays the foundation for her to be one in English, too. That's what my ELL research findings present and what our ELL teacher says - good buddy, Janice.

I ordered Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, and Heidi - IN CHINESE!
Yes. I. Did.
I couldn't remember if the character Anne had an 'e' at the end of her name, but then I remembered a whole, long explanation by that character (from the book/movie) telling how dreadful it would be NOT to have an 'e' on Anne.

Honestly, I had Molly re-teaching me the first 10 numbers in Chinese...and trust me. There are sounds in that language we do not have in English. Thus...the complication; however, it will come.

Tonight is Family Night. Ya Hoo. Chinese food and Nanny Carol to spend the night.

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