Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday PM Updates

New Hair Style
....She likes it in a ponytail, and I wasn't gonna make her do otherwise. It's ALL about helping her feel comfortable with some elements of control.

Emily and Molly are holding stuffed camels from a Mongolian shopping market. Souvenirs are bought. I have no idea how I'll get them home, but they are purchased!


Typical Mode of Travel

Notice the Colored Domed Architecture

Photo of Molly Guoyang - Wee One
Precious or what? There's a red dot painted on her forehead. It's symbolic of good luck. Common in China. I reckon there's a little Maybelline on her cheeks, too.

....with her lovely Music Teacher. This kind and caring lady was one of the three who brought her to me in Hohhot. I will be forever grateful to her. (I TOLD ya'll she was stylish and classy! All 3 of them. Glad I had my nails painted!!!)


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Rina said...

Myah has been glued to your blog..she keeps refreshing every 2 minutes with hopes you post another picture of her sisters...xoxo