Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wednesday Morning - Our Time

Yesterday everything became final.

It's official

Before the final meeting, I had asked if I could take everyone to a nice lunch, and my offer was accepted. We walked to an elegant restaurant near our hotel and were seated in a special room...one of those kind of rooms where you must spend a minimum amount to e-v-e-n be in there. Had it covered. I felt it was the least I could do to show some appreciation to the orphanage officials who cared so tenderly for my new daughter. It was 10 of us in all.

We then, temporarily, went our separate ways as my guide, Aggie, came to the room and started working with me to complete a big bang batch of paperwork. I had to write a short narrative of how I would always love and care for Guo Yang, then I had to spill the beans for the 9 millionth time about my personal life -finances to criminal record (clean as a whistle) - sign my name sometimes PRINTED as it is on my passport and sometimes in CURSIVE as my 1st/last name signature...OR in ALL CAPS....just depending on what document was being held betwixt my chubby little fingers at that moment.
The kicker was dating each one differently: year/month/day or day/month/year.
These are not the kind of papers where you scream, "I need some whiteout!"
I was slow and deliberate. Patient. Very anti-Vicki-ish in nature.

It was then time to meet with the Xilinhot orphanage staff - director, official, teacher - for the last time. As the phone rang to tell us to come down for the B-I-G meeting, I assumed we were starting out the door. We'd been waiting and waiting; however, when we did....Guo Yang stopped, asked via gestures where her Mongolian outfit was, and then proceeded to dress in full regalia.
Happy Family

With Orphanage Officials

I can only imagine that she had that deep inner need to be herself...one last time...in the presence of 'her people'.
It was touching.

The next hour seemed like something out of a movie.
It was almost surreal.

People coming in the business room - bringing receipts/documents, people leaving, people being paid, people being introduced...and Yes. I did stand up as the gentleman from the Civil Affairs office entered the room (conference room at the Sheraton - where we are staying). Paper after paper after paper was being inspected with a fine tooth comb. I had to produce certain items: passport, Growth Report on Guo Yang...and then we hit a glitch.
One arriving date at the orphanage contradicted another arriving date (the years were different....2000 vs. 2001)...and we were then stuck in limbo.

Limbo I say.

After a long time, many glances, and much Chinese chattering I looked across the humongous conference table and managed to ask my guide/interpreter, "Is everything okay?"
She said, "I'm trying very hard to MAKE IT okay."
She explained to me what was going on, and I told her I found that error in Jan. of 2012 with some papers I had. I sent off papers to China with one arrival date (2000) and rec'd papers back from China with another (2001). I made sure to have the agency and official confirm 100%.....WHICH IS IT? 2001 was the final answer. That was over a year ago.
However, seems that tiny, little number "1" was getting in the way of our finalizing this adoption yesterday.
Tearful Goodbye
Waiting for Paperwork

I realized that it would have taken - possibly - another few days to have it all rectified, but I didn't wanna go through that.
Seems that after a while, the SWI officials proved their point with a stack of papers noting 2001, and the 2 ladies from the notary office were finally appeased.

THEN - I had to go sit in the hot seat next to the Civil Affairs Officer.
He had to interview me.
I did fine via the interpreter, but when he asked me W-H-Y I wanted to adopt Guo Yang....classic Vicki kicked in.
I started bawlin'.

I choked.
I replied, "When I saw her picture and read her file, I knew in my heart that I could take care of her and love her as my own daughter. Sniff. Sniff."

All the orphanage/SWI ladies were crying along with me.
I'm tellin' ya - they ARE my kinda girls. I really, really am endeared to them.

So....after chugging down an entire water bottle in 3 gulps, using the 4"x4" Chinese version of Kleenex, and eating one of the Lifesaver candies nearby....we were finished.

Thank you all for your prayers. We can sense the Lord working, comforting, connecting.

More on this story.
Stay tuned!

Thanks, Marlene, for the Red Hearts!
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lisa said...

Ok. I am crying and chewing fingernails at the same time. I swear you need to write a book. I was on the edge of my seat. "Glad that's over with !!!" love ya

Rina said...

I cant take it...Im a sloppy mess...

chinamom said...

OK starting my day off with tears after reading your sweet post. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing journey with us! You may not realize this, but you are paving the way for others from Molly's orphanage.... I can just feel it. Love and hugs and will continue to pray for ya'll.

Cille said...

God is in control! So happy for all of you!

Chrissy said...

You have one more crier in the bunch. I started about the time Molly had to change into her Mongolian dress. Then you really got me when you signed the papers. Congratulations and thanks for sharing with your blog readers!