Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Made It to Inner Mongolia

Yes. We have arrived in Hohhot: photo from our hotel window. I was awakened by a little girl who thought 3:57 a.m. was get up time. We're off on our schedules - obviously.

We flew out of Beijing this morning, and after a short flight arrived here. Hohhot is the capital of Inner Mongolia. It's not as populated as Beijing or Guangzhou - which are metropolitan cities. But don't be misled. B'jing had sheep grazing beside the interstate and bicycles with babies on the 6 or 6 1/2 lanes of traffic. Depends on which driver is making up the rules of the road for that moment.

Our driver from the airport looked like Genghis Khan. Not sure if he'd be related to Shaka Khan...but the bald head and dark mustache made him a dead ringer for the infamous warlord from this area. I should've taken his picture.

We stopped at a Chinese version of 7-11 to stock up on essentials - namely water. No drinka da water in China. One Barbie toothbrush has already bitten the dust b/c Emily stuck it under the faucet while doing teeth. The faucet was covered with a wash rag as a visual reminder, but we have to remember that housekeeping takes it off when they come clean.

Back to the 7-11 type store...the whole place was no bigger than a small kitchen, but mercy me - it was packed with everything from tofu to Juicy Fruit. we were exiting plane number 5 for our trip thus far, I was trying to get out of the seat and down the VERY small aisle. Disembarking on the mission to get off the plane and find our guide, I asked Emily - who was behind me - to help me get one strap of my backpack on while I carried Molly's backpack - with her 'welcome to our family' gifts. As I'm facing forward going up the aisle, up went my backpack strap. I slurred my best syrupy, southern, "Thank you, sweetie."

A few minutes later I was reunited with KK, Kourtney, and Em at the end of the exit ramp - all giggling and grinning.

It wasn't Emily who put the strap on my struggling arm and up my back. It was the Chinese businessman in seat 32F.   Oh brother!
Somewhere in This City
....a little girl will go to sleep, and on this night only will she be without a family because  tomorrow she will begin to realize that life as she has known it is now forever changed.
Molly will meet a mother who will become her present and her future - but who will always pay homage to her past.
She'll find a sister who has walked the same journey along these sacred paths that lead from China to hearts and homes on the other side of the world.
....and at some point in her life, Molly will realize the love of family and friends who have prayed and labored and laughed and loved and given of their time and resources to help make it all possible.
Becoming a part of a family is what our Heavenly Father designed from the beginning of time. There were the hard parts that led to the glorious...there was the cross that led to the empty tomb.
The time has come.
The day is dawning.
And once again darkness becomes light...all because He first loved us.


The Collier Bunch said...

Really enjoying following your journey. We are so excited for you and are praying for you as you meet Molly in just few hours.

Praying for quick bonding. Praying for Molly as she mourns the loss of her orphanage family.

Have a blessed trip.

Cille said...

I am praying for the first hello!! When you are all home, we are going to Wally-World to get both girls new bikes. I think they should pick them out this time and get the right sizes!


AB said...

Can't believe how lucky your little family is! I'm so happy for you all. Love to your co-travelers, too.

AB said...

How lucky your little family is! Travel safely and give love to all including your travel companions!

janice said...

The first hellos have probably been said as I write this. Thanks for the photos and updates. Praying for all of you. Can't wait to meet Molly.