Monday, March 25, 2013

Tuesday Post 2 from GZ

Just in case you haven't figured it out, GZ is the abbreviation for Guangzhou -- pronounced Gwang Joe.

I see that the airline abbreviation for GZ is CAN for Canton - the old timey name for this area.

Beijing's abbreviation is PEK for Peking - former name for that neck of the woods.

All is going well. We've been out and about with our travel group - 5 families. It's nice being in a group that small. ALL are really FUN folks. I'm thankful for that.

We've been to Shamian Island for a small shopping spree. This is the island where the famous White Swan hotel is located That is where most ALL adoptive families have stayed thru the years. Again, not me. I was downtown New York City (not really) on my 2008 trip to Emily. We're in a high falootin' spot right now, too. The island is beautiful - lush with foliage, trees, you name it. Also about 99% humidity level. Birds were chirping and gorgeous flowers were literally dropping from trees far above our heads. So lovely.

That's my new word: lovely.

KK says I've been saying it about every other sentence.

Why does that happen? It does, though.

I saw a lady at the museum in Hohhot and she had on a tee shirt with the words…written really BIG….LOVELY SMILE.

I would've taken a picture of it, but I didn't wanna make her angry on her turf. I had to no where to run and hide if she came after me.

We're even eating Western food at the restaurant across the street. I know. Bless our hearts…."across the street".

The girls have had spaghetti and chicken sandwiches. 

I had a chicken sandwich one day and pasta Alfredo another.

As IF anyone cares.

Had to do another round of producing papers yesterday. The guide asked for documents that I had printed off back in the U.S., had notarized, but we had to leave certain lines blank.

It sure was a good feeling to say, "Ah. Yes. I have that right here in the plastic sheet cover."

EACH document gets a different sheet cover. 

NOTHING else is allowed to go into that expandable file. It's locked in the safe in our hotel room - along with any American cash that I might happen to have left (uh hum)…side by side with our passports.

NO can lose any of these things.

Adoptive parents have been held up here in GZ because of certain paper issues, medical concerns, etc. The U.S. gov't has had to intervene at the int'l level to help, as my former guide said, "make things right".

So far, we're good to go. Thank heavens for that.

I told Forrest via email that I've cringed going back and reading the blog entries and seeing my typos. 

He said with all my Vicki-isms they're hard to catch.

Actually, most have been real words with letters left off: I for It, etc.


Molly has had some folks speaking Chinese to her - telling her that we are soooo pleased with how she is adjusting and that life will become more interesting outside of the hotel room.

Emily, on the other hand, loves this and could stay another few weeks.

She'll soon be back to makin' her own bed. So there!

I'll sign off for now. We're headed to a park of some type. I cannot wait to hit the door and have my hair blow up like a bullfrog. 


 Editors note:  To make things worse, the spell checker on the blog is broken tonight.   The editor takes no responsability for Vicki-Isms or spelling!

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Rina said...

you know there is a direct flight from China to West Palm Beach..just saying..Im in love with your girls and printed out all your pics bc my dear daughter was nagging me to show her the pics over and over I printed...keep posting...we are following