Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday PM Post

Remember the song?

Neck Bone Connected to the Jaw Bone

Darling and Dino-Mite

Molly and Mongolian Art Design

Em at Mongolian Museum

Comfort Food
....and I might add...CHEAP!!!

1. Drive to alley where a shady lookin' convenient store is located. (We are with our guide so we're safe.)

2. Pick out cheap packaged bowl of instant noodle soup - with heaven only knows what flavoring. (Pig kidneys. I'll pass!)

3. Throw in some pickled sausage (Molly's fave), ice cream on a stick, and chips. Trash. Trash. Trash.

4. Return to hotel.

5. Boil water in hot pot.

6. Feed to children while mother sits nearby drinking bottled water and eating small bag of normal Lay's potato chips.

Voila!! Lunch in China.


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