Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thursday AM Post

The 12 lanes of traffic are across the street. Look how clean the roads are. Workers are constantly sweeping the streets. Their faces are weathered, wrinkled, and tired looking. I smile at them all and say "Ni Hao." My heart aches for their souls...I want to bring them all home with me. I'm crying typing this, and I just put on my make-up. Phooey!
Boulevard Outside Our Hotel
And YES, brothers Michael and Skipper...I DID buy you each a really cool Genghis-type. My little brother and switchblades....

Best be carryin' these babies thru international customs/airports via CHECKED baggage only. Any slip ups with these 2 souvenirs and you might catch us live on FOX News begging our Congressman to intervene on our behalf.

What we do for love.

Emily says, "Hey to Oscar and Felix, and there is no go go git it git it in China!"

The Dude Himself...Ghengis Khan

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