Saturday, March 16, 2013

They Got Guts

Incorrect grammar.  I know.

It was KK's response to the Chinese way of driving after my comment, "Boy. They're brilliant to be able to maneuver around like this without constant wrecks."

Yes. We saw the mirror on the car in front of us hit the mirror on the car 3 inches to the right of it.

Ok. Maybe it was 3 and a quarter inches, but still. 

I said my share of, "Oh my. Oh my."

So as we were traveling about this city of 28 MILLION people - all within the same vicinity of where we happened to be located -

KK, the queen of one liners, said, "Oh. That was cute."

I said, "What was cute?" I did not have to say it very loud because I was practically sitting on her lap - in this handy dandy little van we're riding in.

She said, "That guy back there was riding a small motorcycle, and a girl was sitting side saddle behind him holding a 12-pack of toilet paper"

It is what it is.

We climbed the Great Wall.

We visited the Forbidden City.

Whatever it was that "got forbidden", I tried not to do it.

Those darling-no-smile p-a-r-t-y policemen in tidy green uniforms did not look like they were kidding in any form or fashion.

We saw Tian An Men Square - sorta - from across the street with lots and lots of other people - standing underneath the humongous portrait of Chairman Mao....

Hmpf. I'd Google his name for the full and correct spelling, but if I leave this page it all goes back to Chinese and I have to, "Uh...Maam...." the sweet techie girl who is monitoring this Business Center at the hotel.

That's what kept happening every time I hit caps lock. It'd revert to Chinese. 

For 2 yuan a minute, I need to be a fast learner.

Hitting caps lock is "forbidden".  Got it.

We enjoyed a nice Chinese lunch today at the Jade Factory. (Just had to "Uh maam the girl AGAIN.")


See that Chinese typed on the line above. I had her come in here and just type a little hello greeting from China. 

I'll have to send her a Christmas card. 

Emily was surprised with a nice birthday cake and candles. Everyone in our little tour group - all adoptive parents/families - were there and they started singing Happy Birthday.

Well, we'd really only gotten to know each other that morning and were still fresh on learning names.

When we got to the part that goes, "....Happy Birthday dearrrrrrrrrrrrrr..."

I sang, "Emmmmm-uhhhhhhhh-leeeee...." as they all folled suite and joined in like we'd been great friends for year.

They were fast learners, too.

Well, it's 2 more sleeps until Molly Day.

We fly out of Beijing in the morning - headed to Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. 

What a life changing trip that will be.

Please pray for sweet Molly as she leaves all she's ever known to go to places she's never been - in a family.

Adoption: The Story of The Father's Love for Us


Straight Row Tools said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!!! I am glad things are going well! Will keep praying for all of you!

chinamom said...

Love the updates keep them coming!!! Happy
Birthday Emily!

chinamom said...

Happy birthday Emily!! Love the updates from the motherland. Thinking of Ya'll and praying for Molly.