Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thelma and Louise on Soy Sauce

Yep. KK and I are quite the example of 2 goofy women gone Asian.

We walked to McDonald's to get food for the crew. Kourtney stayed behind to babysit Emily and Molly. Miss Molly would not be able to walk that distance. I'm not sure she's ever had to walk great lengths...just because of her living environment in an orphanage. She had a small challenge with flights of steps (but she did fine); however, I'm not going to have her out attempting to RUN across 12 lanes of traffic coming at us from all angles. (NO way) So - KK and I set off for the Mickey D adventure.

She was telling me to go straight across the street but straight was really diagnolly across.
I started off one direction, she grabbed me by the nap of my neck and pulled me another.
I shouted over the noise, "I thought you said THIS straight."
"No," she replied. "The OTHER straight...and watch out for that lady on the bicycle."
Uhm....that lady was none to happy to have US in her path of chaos on concrete.
My mantra at the Great Wall was, "Just don't look up."
Mine for crossing these streets, "Our Father Who art in heaven..."
If I were Catholic, I'd be Hail Mary-ing left and right.

A time or two we only made it 1/2 way "across the street" (the 3 most dreaded words in China) and had to hug and hold on to each other - quivering like Eskimos as the vehicles zoomed past us on all sides.
KK advised that I run next to the heavy cart being pulled by some cyclist - U Haul on a Trike. Said she'd run on the other side of me.
That was IF we got hit, then that car would hit the cart, before it hit me, before it had time to impact her.
Friendship at its best.

Oh. And the puffiness under my eyes.   I asked, "Geesh. Do I look 106 or 107? These BAGS under my eyes.....ugh."   Her reply, "More like 110. Vicki, you ALWAYS have bags under your eyes, but your hair looks great."  I didn't know whether to smak her or what.

Between her "airplane cramped up knees" and my "Great Wall climbing thighs" we're almost a pitiful sight.
Looks like we've both recently had surgery.
Of some sort.

I do believe we've been gone for over a week now. We're all doing well with wearing clothes over and over again.  That's sorta my style anyway. Not Kourtney's. She wants to rinse and hang things up.  KK told her we've been wearing the same clothes so long that we can just "park them in the corner and plan to wear them again tomorrow."

The girls are doing well.  There were a few tears from both of them yesterday. Emily's comes out as, "I'm tired, Mama." = which can be interpreted as the emotional aspect of adjusting to having a sister around, her mother's other daughter

As we were eating breakfast yesterday morning, the ladies from her orphanage returned one last time to say goodbye. We were all surprised.  It was hard to watch.  Hard to imagine the grief they all are feeling.
Molly is now isolated in terms of communication and comprehending what the next 5 minutes in her life might hold.  She's trusting. She's still smiling.   Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers.


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lisa said...

Praying for you everyday!!! I did say a Hail Mary for you. !!! Mary was anxious I'm sure, but just like you she relied on the BIG Guy ... that's all you need sister!! Love ya