Friday, March 15, 2013

Several updates

Here are several updates from the trip so far.

Our Big Ole Honkin' Plane:  
Met some other families who are here adopting....all with my same agency. They're from Kansas and Missouri. Hope to have them saying "ya'll" before our 2 weeks are up.
Whoop. Der It Is!!  
The famous squatty potty!!!! 
Waiting in Guangzhou Airport at 5:00 in the morning....   
We flew into GZ at 4:30-ish. That would be Aye Em!!!! 4:30 a.m. We'd just gotten off our 15 hour flight and had 3 more to go. I think Kourtney said we were in the air about 22 hours from start to finish. We should get some badge of recognition just for squeezing into airplane bathrooms for 2 days!!
I was 1 of 2:    
Caucasians that is - packed into this shuttle like sardines. Talk about being stared at!! We had to take this shuttle to another zip code zone at the airport just to transfer to intra-country flight terminal....hauling bags UP stairs...lots of them. I will be buying another suitcase to use as checked baggage. Our backpacks...tho they had many necessary items...were way too heavy to schlep around the world.

....looks like smog to me!!!! 
Em Enjoying Beijing at Night         
And yes, mother. I wore THE vest with all the pockets - Velcro and zippers. Worked FABulously!! You are soooo smart!     



Jean said...

Praying for you without ceasing...and yes, mothers can give good advice - as you know! Love you both, Jean & Family

Jean said...

Prating for you without ceasing...and yes, mothers give good advice - as you know! Much love to you both! Jean

AB said...

So glad to hear. Know all will go well from here (in spite of previous "bag" usage). God has blessed us all with this trip you are taking together. Give your traveling companions my love, too. Will share with MK today.