Monday, March 18, 2013

Photos From First Day

The girls together                                                                        Mom and the girls together.


....this traditional Mongolian outfit.
Lovely....and so is she! Timid, soft spoken, helpful, eager to learn.
                                                                                      The girls arm in arm

 Getting ready for some dinner

 The girls enjoying some noodles.                                                    Let the slurping begin.


Emily has Molly watching a Leap Frig DVD - sounds. She's teaching her how to write her name, numbers...

Vicki will send more updates later.  Hopefully a post with that real Vicki flair to it.   All is going well, pray for both girls as they adjust.   We have talked to them and all seems to be going great so far.  They are headed off to start their day.

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chinamom said...

Molly is beautiful!!! So happy for all of you! Praying for y'all in so many ways. Keep the posts and pics coming. Sending our hugs to you.