Sunday, March 3, 2013

Part 2 - Emily's Letter to Molly

A while back, Miss Emily was asked to write a letter of encouragement to "someone/anyone", and she chose to write her soon to be sister, Molly. This was done in her Sunday evening Bible class, and I was touched by the sincerity of Em's words.

Here's what it says:
"I am so excited to have a sister.
I have always wanted to have a sister.
I hope you will like to have a sister, too.
You will have fun with us.
You will learn about God when you come.
You would have everything you want to have.
Thank you for being my sister.
by: Emily"

I wouldn't even know where to begin to say how proud I am of her for expressing herself in these heartfelt words.Her tribute to fun, faith, family. I could wax reflective....sniff...and trust me. I have...

....but what cracks me up is the line about, "You will have everything you want to have."
This comes from a child who rides around in a 1997 Toyota Tercel, watches vintage movies and PBS kids on a tv no larger than a cereal box, and who does not have an Internet-linked computer at home.

These are material choices I've made right now.
We are not throw backs to poverty.
I am deliberately choosing to keep this car, have that size tv, and not have Internet at home.
Yes. I am a goober.

"You will have everything you want to have."
Prophetic in a sense?
Voiced from an inner contentment?
Is it that once Emily wrote in her note..."learn about God"...
and ALL the many riches He bestows on us through His grace (yes..spiritual AND material) -
fun, faith, family-
that we can become truly content?

I hope so.

Will there be a new-er, bigger car in the near future?
Yes ma'am. Gotta have it. Tuna cans on wheels have to be retired one day.
TV bigger - probably not. Not a big fan of tv (in general). As I've said 1,000 times before,
"I'm an Andy and Barney kinda girl!."
Internet - well...we're good for now.
This has all been budget friendly as we've worked, saved, and been blessed by friends and family who have helped on this journey to Bring Molly Home!!

So, we're getting ready. On overdrive.
I have a list of folks to thank, and it's a mile long. Oh my.