Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Song I've Cried Over....Many Times

I'm not sure you can actually 'cry over', but down south...we tend to sling prepositions around in any ole way that helps convey what we're r-e-a-l-l-y trying to say.
I 'cried over' this song: There's a Place for Us

The song is from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
Yes. I AM a Chronicles of Narnia fan.
I think the stories are compelling, fantastic, and thought provoking.
They're full of excitement and hope.
C.S. Lewis is another post; however, the song from this movie speaks to my heart.

I don't know WHY - well, I do know why - the words make me think of children who are living their lives in orphanages all around the world.
What are they thinking?
What are their hopes?
Do they even have hope?
The words below just seem to ring true - in MY soul - of what might possibly be in the hearts of children who are living their lives without a family....but believing there is one for them - somewhere.

So...I'm sharing....the lyrics. The You Tube version with characters from the movie is my fave.
Sung by Carrie Underwood- Google it.

"There’s a place out there for us -
More than just a prayer 

or anything we ever dreamed of.So if you feel like giving up
cause you don’t fit in down here
Fear is crashing in,
close your eyes and take my hand.
We can be the kings and queens

of anything if we believe.
It’s written in the stars that shine above.
A world where you and I belong
where faith and love will keep us strong.
Exactly who we are is just enough
Yes there’s a place for us,
there’s a place for us.
Where the water meets the sky
Where your heart is free and hope comes back to life
Where these broken hands are whole again,
We will find what we’ve been waiting for.
We were made for so much more!"

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