Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Treated the Posse to Lunch

...at a nice Chinese restaurant, and all I would eat was fried rice. I am not an adventurous eater in other lands. 

This is Molly with two of the officials. Lady next to her is SWI Director, and the other sweet, sweet lady is their rep completing the international paperwork. My guide just left my hotel room to go and assist them with their end of the paperwork. Since they are newbies at it all, the massiveness of paper-signing warrants assistance!

In 30 minutes we'll complete the process, say our goodbyes, exchange more official gifts, notarize, finalize (for now....more to do with other folks), and call it a day for transactions.

Emily and Molly were watching a Barbie DVD until Molly fell asleep. Em's still at it.

As my guide was here finishing up with my part of papers, I had to dish out a passport size photo of myself...all secured in my handy dandy plastic accordion portable file a la Walmart. She needed to adhere it to one of the documents.

She asked, "You got some glue?"

I shook my head slowly saying, "Aw........naw.......now.......THEY...didn't...TELL ME...to bring...any glue! I've got some chewed bubble gum, though...."

I got her a paperclip instead.

Doing the Paperwork


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