Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I feel like my plane is taxi-ing down the runway now...and I'm runnin' after it. PHEW.

Tons to do.


-set up medical appointments for Molly and me - for the week we arrive home. Gotta have immunization records from China in hand.

-scheduled to go and have Molly added to my insurance once we return home. Gotta have official adoption decrees/documents toted along for proof. I'll need copies of those forms first.

-arranged for pet sitting for 3 pups and 2 birds; ordered all animal meds and special diet foods (mercy me!); gotta actually GO and get these meds from drugstore; Nanny Carol helping do this - HUGS FOREVER

-called doctor's office for RX and arranged to get an adult antibiotic from drugstore (taking it to China - don't plan on using it....precaution) You can't get Tylenol in China w/out a RX! Emily and Molly already have theirs.

-asked to borrow a truck to bring dog house to the backyard; dogs stay inside most of the time but need a little extra love outside

-returned about 15 emails asking for info/giving info/thanking people for help

-written Em's teacher about classwork to be missed while she's gone

-corresponded with my principal/boss about meetings this week and my absence from work

-settled up with Lisa about her gift of Easter baskets for Em and Molly (since we return Easter weekend); Thank YOU, dear friend.

" Lisa, Lisa Mother Teresa"

-checking in w/Rina; LOVE YOU

-arranging pick up from the airport in Marlene's BIG van; YOU and DONNA are amazing

-paid bills

-checked on Visas

-photocopied important cards/info/flight itineraries

That's boring enough to read.


....and that's just in the last 4 hours.

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