Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Sunday in Guangzhou


I'm having to get accustomed to the keyboard in the business center at the China Marriott here in GZ. 

To everyone following along on this journey via the blog, thanks so much for checking in. When a friend set up the blog for me back in 2008 - as a surprise and a gift - I told her, "Uhm. We ain't so interesting."

As you can tell, I just have to write about the "common stuff of life". 

One of my family's favorite Walton's episodes (Yes. I've bought the first 3 series and will be buying the rest.) is one where John Boy meets an author. The wise writer tells JB to quit waiting to write about the BIG events to happen in life. Celebrate and write about the everyday happenings that are near and dear to his heart.

I've already printed the blog into a paperback CATALOG - might I say - with all the posts from 2008 to sometime in 2012. It'll serve as a journal to my sweet Emily of the ridiculous ramblings of her mother.

I said I printed a catalog.

Not true.

I ordered TWO.

The saying around our house is, "If one's good. Two's better."

We arrived in GZ about 1:30 in the morning, or that is the time we got to the hotel.

I think.

To bed. To bed.

Hit the breakfast buffet here at this fancy, shmancy hotel. Mercy me.

I was thrilled to see hashrown cakes - with KETCHUP!

The girls grazed around, Molly gagged a bit on one piece of Chinese cuisine (We think it had bones in it.), and both girls are enjoying drinking yogurt with a straw.

Not being the meat eater that I am and not wanting to take too many chances with veggies and fruits that MIGHT still have water drops on them (Remember: 5 Star Hotel but I won't drink the water.)…I've had toast and eggs or eggs and toast pretty much each day.

I've done enough carb loading to run 6 marathons.

Molly ate a hard boiled "tea egg" - right out of the cracked shell…..with a spoon.

I say "ick" if there's something like an egg shell or pecan shell in a food item.

As my brother Michael says, "I don't like a crunchy in my squishy!"

We went to eat one last time at the local spot in Hohhot - before leaving.

Someone had the bright idea to let Miss Molly do the ordering in Chinese b/c, as they say, "She speaks the language."

We got double orders of one dish, a pizza that was unwanted, and then the items we actually did want.

Needless to say, I got it all in a takie outie box and tried to hand it off to our new friend at the hotel, Rocky Huang…the head porter.

When he learned English, his teacher was from England so he speaks with a British accent. I LOVE a British accent, but he is Chinese.

As KK and I approached the front of the hotel after one of our car dodging expeditions, I held up my arms in classic Rocky-style and yelled out, "We made it. We survived."

His polite Brit response, "Impressive!"

Where we are now, everything is soooooooooooo Feng Shui-ish. (Look that up, mother.). 

The architecture and design is very stealth.

I don't know whether I should push a door, pull it, slide it to the left or right….or merely attempt to become "one with it".

I keep hearing the elevators dinging, but I cannot find them.

We have a lamp in our room that I've yet to figure out how to turn it on.

The girls are doing well and adjusting nicely. I'm sending pics which seem to say a lot.

Forrest has been out of town and not able to spend time on the Internet posting for me.

He DOES have a life. And a family. And a job.

Yesterday we spent the morning having medical exams for Molly and all the other young ones in our group. Our Beijing group reunited for this time in GZ. The rest of the day we ALL lounged outside, eating Papa John's pizza (PTL!), and talking about the many varied and unique stories of what had happened over the last week.

Common bonds.

Good talk.

Great time.

Can Superman Leap THIS Building...
....with a single bound?

Thank Heaven for 7 Eleven

....and for little girls!

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chinamom said...

Whew..glad to see your post, was beginning to get worried.Isn't Guangzhou like a breath of "smoggy" air after the 1st destination in this journey?So glad the girls are doing well and it sounds like you are your "funny-as-ever" self! Hugs to all.
p.s. try clapping and see if that lamp comes on!! ha