Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guess Who Threw Up Over Texas?

...a mere 2 hours into any air time.
Yours truly.

At least KK said I did it "gracefully".
You know.
No guttural sounds coming from gagging and .....well. You know.

Seems that puddle jumper we took on the first leg sorta got to me.
I've never done anything like this before.

My travel crew and I all agree that I'm the FIRST person any of us know who has actually used a barf bag on an airplane.

The stranger beside me - a school teacher from Dallas - next to me had the presence of mind to push the button for the flight attendant.
Emily was asleep. Lord love her.
I looked around her and got KK's attention to throw me another barf bag as I was tossing her the passports while covering up the money pouch strapped about my waist.
Didn't wanna take any chances of getting any of this, shall I say, dirty?

It was a 2-bagger.

Enough of that.

I pushed the Fire Alarm in the elevator in Los Angeles.
After I pushed the number in the elevator and not the actual button I was supposed to push.
After I twisted the cold air knob on the plane and broke the outside twisty ring.

Let's just say it's a thrill a minute around here.
I'm sitting on the floor at LAX typing this before I leave the good ole U S of A.

As we were walking thru this airport, KK was reading the sign for us to get to the int'l air departure area and read, "international airport". Being the smart aleck I am,  I told her to read the Chinese pinyin as to what it said beside it. She read out loud again..."international airport".
Oh yeah.

All is well. Our backpacks are too heavy.
That's what we get for packin' NABS galore - as if we'll never eat again.

The 3 travel buddies - KK, Kourtney, and Emily - went to the bathroom. I told them to go ahead. I'd stay behind and guard the luggage and NABS.
KK said, "Yeah. Right. If anybody tries to take can just throw up on them."

We'll check in from China.
Hugs to all.

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lisa said...

I'm so sorry !!!!! But in the Catholic world, we have a new Pope !!!!! the white smoke blew and he is an Argentinian. First from that part of the world . anyway...... I know he is praying for you and yours!!! And so am I !! Now, go to sleep !!! Love ya